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  1. A friend of mine helped me to install it via command line, (he is a genius in linux by the way) however the sad part is that This OpenVPN only works for free for 2 simultaneous connections. If you need more, you need to pay for the service. Just a heads up, should you need more connections for free, I would suggest to find another app that can do the job and stop loosing time trying to make this one work. Cheers!
  2. I've sat here for a while and took me some days to finish reading ALL the posts so far. First of all I want to thank and congratulate @JTok for making this plug in. And I wish you the best from now on. I've read that you don't have a test server. Feel free to tell me and I can grant you access in mine should you want to run some tests. However I'm backing up Win 2012 Server, Win 7 and win 10 VMs. And sometimes the backup is done and some it is not. I've installed the plugin a couple of weeks ago and I'm in a run test phase. I found in the logs that the problem is that t
  3. I have the same problem here: "Sorry, a session error has occurred It is possible that your session has expired or your login credentials do not allow access to this resource. See error text below for further details: SESSION ERROR: SESSION: Your session has expired, please reauthenticate (9007)" Thanks!
  4. I get something similar regarding Krusader: "Docker application binhex-krusader has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option". However, my unassigned devices are accessible through Krusader. I'm ignoring it then.
  5. I checked my system and both of them were selected, I've never touched those settings and it feels kind of sluggish though. I added 10 Gigs more of Disk space for a total of 50 Gigs on the SSD cache drive and went a little bit better, but not to well. Do you know something else that may help?
  6. I can understand that, however aren´t 70GB quite some space for system directory structures?
  7. I did as you said, and started in manteinance mode, It shows that disk 2 has 70GB used, however If I want to see what is in there I see that it is empty:
  8. I think you are right, I just did a parity check, did not rebuild. In the image I posted it says at the bottom that the last parity check was 14 days ago, and I have not done anything else.
  9. I'm sure I formated the drive as it is, then rebuilt parity disk. OK, Ill try to do that and see what happens.
  10. So, your advice is to rebuild it and rewrite the parity disk? How can I rebuild this disk without touching the parity? I created this array with 2 disks (disk 1 + Parity: sdd sdf ) Then I added disk 2 (sde). After a couple of months running, I got this error, and I formated it and rebuilt the parity disk as it is suggested in the screenshot I sent you, so I did it and it worked fine for a couple of weeks. Now it happened again. That is what I mean. I do understand your point: It is useless to format a drive that is going to be overwritten if it will be rebuilt when
  11. I agree with you, it is pointless to format a drive in order to add it to the array since it will be rebuilt or used as a parity. However this drive was already added. There was not much data on it, but I formatted it again and re-added it to the array and rebuilt a couple of weeks ago. However it happened again. Here is the screenshot of my main tab: And here are my diagnostics file. Thanks!
  12. I have some warnings, but I don't see anything related to drive problems. Here is a screenshot.
  13. Well, I know that new drives should be tested with preclear and then added to the array, however, it is the second time that I find this issue in the same drive and I need to format it in order to add it again to the array. I dont have any information in this drive yet, however I'm curious why this is happening, should this drive be faulty? Should this be due to the fact that I shut down my server on weekends? I also have a VM that accesses an unassigned drive, and I've noticed also that If I restart unraid I need to format again that unassigned drive and add it to the win