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  1. Hello! Any kind of help here? I want to pass through my whole SAS drive to the VM. In my case it is the "sdd" disk. But It does not find the sdd, here is how I tryed to do it: <disk type='block' device='disk'> <driver name='qemu' type='raw' cache='writeback'/> <source dev='/sdd'/> <target dev='hdd' bus='scsi'/> <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='3'/> </disk> Thanks in advance!
  2. After struggling with the network, I found out that you were 100% right! IT WAS MY ROUTER. I just don't know why it was blocking unraid. Just for the record is a TP-Link R470, why was it blocking unraid? I have no idea. I changed it for my good old Linksys router flashed with DD-WRT (I hadn't used it in more than 5 years!) and I replaced it, and configured it and now unraid can reach the internet. I'm not erasing my last post, so people can see that even if the VMs are working in their unraid machines and reaching the internet, They should still look in their networks rather than in unraids configuration or hardware. Thanks a lot your time and for bearing me all these hours! Cheers. UPDATE SEPTEMBER 18th 2020. I figured out why my router was blocking my server. It turned out that there was an "ip address - mac address" bounding rule in my router and since the mac address from my server changed (changed the server's motherboard) then the router started blocking all packets to/from the internet.
  3. Hi to all! Has any of you get blue iris to work? I've been struggling with shinoby and i'm getting enough of it and I've seen the blue iris software very interesting. So I was thinking in get a Window VM working and sharing an unassigned device for recording video footage and leaving the array aside (there is no need to be storing the video footage in the array since it would make it work all day) but I did not succeed, I had a problem sharing the Unassigned drive. I've seen that there is a Blue Iris docker but I don't know how to install it, Does any of you know? Thanks!
  4. I doubt there is something wrong with the hardware, I can access Unraid's GUI and my shares. All my network works fine. Moreover, I have a Win10 VM running on unraid, how can it reach the internet and Unraid not? Take a look to my screenshot: It's got to be something else. I will set up another USB stick with a clean installation of unraid. and test it.
  5. Yes that's what I was doing! Same result.
  6. Yes, I use them both, I want to use this as a surveillance server mainly, and in the other nic I receive the data streams from the IP cameras. Both were working fine at the ending of last week. It's not the first time i get such kind of issues with unraid, when I started using it, I stopped seeing my Unassigned drives. I was more inexperienced back then than today, so I reinstalled it, and corrected the issue, but now, I have done more configs and added more apps and VMs to the system and now I wouldn't like to loose all that time by reinstalling. Any other idea?
  7. Thanks its a 3015M I'm using a Dell T420 Motherboard.
  8. Thanks for the help. Sorry for double posting, you've replied very fast, however in other forums, the answers don't come that fast. It won't happen again. So I renamed as you said, and lost all my network configs, the result is the same. If I try to install CA I get this error: Any other idea? All my network is working fine.
  9. I',m having the same issue here, but in my case I can't even ping my own router, cant either ping nor nor Here is my config file. tower-diagnostics-20200910-0934.zip
  10. Hi, I'm having the same problem and I can't even ping my router, can any of you take a look to my settings? I'm quite lost here. Thanks a lot! tower-diagnostics-20200910-0934.zip
  11. Hi guys! Can you take a look at my diagnostics file here? I am not able to reach the internet, specifically CA. I uninstalled it and if I try to install it again I get this error: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/community.applications/master/plugins/community.applications.plg download failure (Network failure)" Any ideas? i was running fine some weeks ago. Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20200908-2325.zip
  12. No he medido velocidades de transferencia a mi servidor de Unraid, actualmente me estoy enfocando en echar a volar Shinobi Pro para video vigilancia y es no he pasado al punto de usar unraid para otras cosas mas, aunque tengo previsto hacer varias cosas. Ahora, respecto a tu pregunta, no se como tengas configurado tu servidor de linux, posiblemente los discos trabajan directamente con el kernel y no tienes redundancia. Lo que se me ocurre, de momento, no es que necesariamente sea así es que tienes un cuello de botella al escribir los datos en el arreglo de los discos. La forma en como funciona Unraid es que el proceso de escritura en los discos es mas lento porque tiene que ir escribiendo y calculando la paridad en el disco de la misma y esperar a que el bloque en el que va a escribir pase por el cabezal magnético. (son unas por otras, es un sistema interesante de redundancia y protección de información, pero no es el más rápido para escribir). Lo que te recomendaron de agregar un SSD de Cache es muy buena idea ya que ahí podrás vertir la información que le transfieras al SSD, la recibirá rápido y cuando el servidor esté sin mucha carga de trabajo la pasará al arreglo de discos "array". Hay un video del Cuasi Padre de Unraid que es Spaceinvaer One que habla de como instalar los ssd como cache: Yo no lo hago todavía, pero si lo hago y veo que hay algo más que aportar lo pondré en éste foro a la brevedad.
  13. Hello, I have had the same issue, I even bought an Nvidia 1050 card to help my CPU and I couldn't make the CPU workload go down to a 5 or 7%, it remained with only 2 reolink (RLC410 and RLC410-5MPx) cameras at 2 Mpixels at around 30%. So I upgraded my cpu and I am looking forward to add a second cpu (I have a Dell T420 Server with a E52470 V2 processor which is the top for this kind of server). Now with 2 cameras at 4 and 5 Mpixels, the CPU is around 11-13% with motion detection on and no HW acceleration (because if I enable it the screen goes black and the cameras won't record anything). Shinobi has been running for 12 or 15 hours only (on this test, I've made lots or test runs) . If that is all the load for each 2 cameras I add, I think I will stick to Shinobi since I need only 5 cameras on this system. However when I started this last test run, the CPU was working between 9-10%. So My concern, and I saw it before with my old CPU is, that, the more time it passes by, the higher the CPU workload gets, and, after around 2 weaks, the CPU workload is so high (around 78% 80%), that the server becomes unstable and almost inoperable. I don´t know if this happens also to you, and I don't know if you could actually enable the hardware acceleration with motion detection correctly. Did you make it happen? Cheers
  14. Thanks, I did something similar, I installed Glas-DHCP server and configured to act as a DHCP on my secondary nic. Now it is working. Thank you so much for your input!
  15. Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem to access the CA Tab, I got this message: "Something really wrong went on during get_categories Post the ENTIRE contents of this message in the Community Applications Support Thread <br /> <b>Warning</b>: usort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in <b>/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/community.applications/include/exec.php</b> on line <b>869</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in <b>/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/community.applications/include/exec.php</b> on line <b>871</b><br /> {"categories":null}"