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  1. ChatNoir's post in Will not auto boot, and CAN'T BOOT TO UNRAID USB unless i manually force boot everytime was marked as the answer   
    Fastboot is often an issue, I do remove it on all computer, just in case.
    Keep your EFI folder in sync with your boot option :
    EFI- for CSM boot EFI for standard UEFI Running make_bootable again should not be necessary but would not hurt either.
  2. ChatNoir's post in Upgraded OS, now 2 disks won't mount was marked as the answer   
  3. ChatNoir's post in 6.10.3 - Community Applications Won't Install was marked as the answer   
    Only the automatic change is limited to 1/year. You can always ask Limetech for another change through the support form.
  4. ChatNoir's post in Action Center Enabled was marked as the answer   
    This is a feature of Community Applications, not Unraid itself.
    From what I understand, it takes some time to start once you open the Apps tab, but then adds the Action centre where you can update different type of Apps from one place (plugins, docker containers, translations).
    For more details, you should ask on the Community Applications support thread.

  5. ChatNoir's post in Logfile is getting full over time was marked as the answer   
    Many things happening on your server.
    1. you seem to install most / all packages from Nerdpack. Do you actually need those packages ?
    2. several instance of :
    Sep 22 17:23:32 unraid kernel: krusader[22966]: segfault at 30 ip 000055f2bb8ac2fe sp 00007fffcd7ce100 error 4 in krusader[55f2bb731000+19a000] Sep 22 17:23:32 unraid kernel: Code: 18 4c 0b 00 48 89 ee 4c 89 f7 ff 15 54 0b 0b 00 48 89 ef e8 74 d2 e8 ff 48 8b 3c 24 80 7f 20 00 0f 85 1e 01 00 00 48 8b 43 10 <48> 8b 50 30 48 89 54 24 08 8b 02 83 c0 01 83 f8 01 0f 87 2b 01 00  
    3. Plenty of those too
    ep 23 04:40:01 unraid logrotate: ALERT - exited abnormally. Sep 23 04:40:12 unraid sSMTP[8480]: Creating SSL connection to host Sep 23 04:40:12 unraid sSMTP[8480]: SSL connection using TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 Sep 23 04:40:12 unraid sSMTP[8480]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 m9-20020a509989000000b0043df042bfc6sm4990087edb.47 - gsmtp)  
    4. Tons of those at the end of the log
    Oct 6 19:06:47 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:47 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 3892 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:49 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:49 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 3907 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:50 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:50 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 3922 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:51 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:51 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 3937 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:52 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:52 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 3969 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:53 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:53 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 3988 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:54 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:54 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 4003 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:55 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:55 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 4021 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:56 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:56 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 4036 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:57 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:57 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 4051 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:58 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:58 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 4073 exited on signal 6 Oct 6 19:06:59 unraid nginx: 2022/10/06 19:06:59 [alert] 24666#24666: worker process 4143 exited on signal 6  
  6. ChatNoir's post in Delete /boot/previous? was marked as the answer   
  7. ChatNoir's post in License transfer to another thumbdrive? [6.11.1] was marked as the answer
    It is recommended to keep a recent backup of your flashdrive.
    The simplest way is to use the plugin My Servers so the backup is always up to date.
  8. ChatNoir's post in Unraid server not responding after some time was marked as the answer   
    Please attach your diagnostics anyway, it might still show something.
    You can set up a syslog server so it can catch the crash, post the file after the next crash.
    Did you check this part of the FAQ ?
    It might be relevant.
  9. ChatNoir's post in Boot Failure: bzfirmware checksum error was marked as the answer   
    You should remplace all the bz* files on your flash drives with one pulled from the release you are using. You can get the files in the zip here :
  10. ChatNoir's post in All disks in array being read while copying files to a single drive was marked as the answer   
    I would guess that's because turbo write is activated.
  11. ChatNoir's post in mcelog on unraid 6.11 was marked as the answer   
    It is in the base OS since 6.11.
  12. ChatNoir's post in Rebuild or replace? was marked as the answer   
    I would say that your drive is gone, you should replace.
    ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAGS VALUE WORST THRESH FAIL RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate POSR-K 200 200 051 - 53 200 Multi_Zone_Error_Rate ---R-- 200 200 000 - 1 SMART Extended Self-test Log Version: 1 (1 sectors) Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error # 1 Extended offline Completed: read failure 90% 24696 320167920 # 2 Short offline Completed without error 00% 24667 - # 3 Extended offline Completed: read failure 90% 24667 320167920  
  13. ChatNoir's post in Memory CMD was marked as the answer   
    Since I don't know the command, I would simply get the diagnostics for now and check /system/meminfo.txt in the zip file.  
    Probably that someone can provide you the command later.
  14. ChatNoir's post in ext3/ext4 can't mount? was marked as the answer   
    You will not be able to mount EXT FS in either Array or Pool, but as Frank said you can mount it as an Unassigned Device (using the plugin with the same name) to access it's data.
  15. ChatNoir's post in RESOLVED: webgui not loaded was marked as the answer   
    Could be that a plugin was longer than usual to load, a new nvidia driver to download maybe ?
  16. ChatNoir's post in New drives not encrypted was marked as the answer   
    Change the filesystem to XFS Encrypted for those two drives and format them. You would have to backup any data on those drives first.
    Go to Setting / Disk Settings and make sure that the Default file system is set to XFS Encrypted.
  17. ChatNoir's post in Missing SMB Share / NFS Share / Iso File Share was marked as the answer   
    I think there is a misunderstanding.
    The shares displayed on the bottom are not Unraid share but shares from other parts of the network that are mounted into Unraid with the plugin 'Unassigned Devices'
  18. ChatNoir's post in One of the Drive wont spin down. was marked as the answer   
    The probable cause is the system share. It is set to 'Prefer' but Mover cannot move open files and will not remplace a file already present on the destination.
    As said by SimonF, look at the content of the share on both locations. I would guess that the part on cache is either empty or outdated and that the part being used is on Disk4.
    The stop Docker and VM from the Setting page and run the mover again. You should be good once this share is only on cache.
  19. ChatNoir's post in Restoring a drive after it has been "missing" was marked as the answer   
    If the emulated content looks OK, you will have to rebuild the emulated drive onto the physical drive.
  20. ChatNoir's post in sanity check - upgrade parity & drop xtra data drives was marked as the answer   
    Yes to all the questions.
    If you replace parity anyway, you can change the drive order.
    In any case, only Parity2 is taking drive order in parity calculation, so by itself, changing drive order would not invalidate Parity (1).
    Obviously be extra careful not to assign a data drive to the Parity Slot.
  21. ChatNoir's post in Moving a drive - unraid to unraid was marked as the answer   
    Depends if your Array is parity protected. If it is not, you should be able to add it as is.
    If it is, you will have to do a New config and rebuild parity.
  22. ChatNoir's post in Pools not displaying expected usable space... was marked as the answer   
    This is a known bug of BTRFS RAID when using an odd number of devices.
    You can use the space but the reported free space is inaccurate.
  23. ChatNoir's post in Creation error when using Flash Backup was marked as the answer   
    I would guess that the issue is lack of RAM, you only run with 2GB. The OS is installed in RAM, so the 'disk space' would be RAM.
    The minimum requirement has been 4GB for some time.
    Maybe removing the 'previous' directory on the flashdrive could help ? It's the previous OS version for easy roll back, but you already have a backup of that.
    (that is, if 6.6.3 already provided that feature)
  24. ChatNoir's post in LuckyBackup Automation was marked as the answer   
    This looks like an app configuration issue, not an Unraid issue.
    You should seek support on the app support thread available through the 'support' button on the docker page.
  25. ChatNoir's post in Nvidia GPU not being used for transcoding was marked as the answer   
    Then you should create the variable.
    An example from my official Plex, but that should be the same.