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  1. ChatNoir's post in Missing SMB Share / NFS Share / Iso File Share was marked as the answer   
    I think there is a misunderstanding.
    The shares displayed on the bottom are not Unraid share but shares from other parts of the network that are mounted into Unraid with the plugin 'Unassigned Devices'
  2. ChatNoir's post in One of the Drive wont spin down. was marked as the answer   
    The probable cause is the system share. It is set to 'Prefer' but Mover cannot move open files and will not remplace a file already present on the destination.
    As said by SimonF, look at the content of the share on both locations. I would guess that the part on cache is either empty or outdated and that the part being used is on Disk4.
    The stop Docker and VM from the Setting page and run the mover again. You should be good once this share is only on cache.
  3. ChatNoir's post in Restoring a drive after it has been "missing" was marked as the answer   
    If the emulated content looks OK, you will have to rebuild the emulated drive onto the physical drive.
  4. ChatNoir's post in sanity check - upgrade parity & drop xtra data drives was marked as the answer   
    Yes to all the questions.
    If you replace parity anyway, you can change the drive order.
    In any case, only Parity2 is taking drive order in parity calculation, so by itself, changing drive order would not invalidate Parity (1).
    Obviously be extra careful not to assign a data drive to the Parity Slot.
  5. ChatNoir's post in Moving a drive - unraid to unraid was marked as the answer   
    Depends if your Array is parity protected. If it is not, you should be able to add it as is.
    If it is, you will have to do a New config and rebuild parity.
  6. ChatNoir's post in Pools not displaying expected usable space... was marked as the answer   
    This is a known bug of BTRFS RAID when using an odd number of devices.
    You can use the space but the reported free space is inaccurate.
  7. ChatNoir's post in Creation error when using Flash Backup was marked as the answer   
    I would guess that the issue is lack of RAM, you only run with 2GB. The OS is installed in RAM, so the 'disk space' would be RAM.
    The minimum requirement has been 4GB for some time.
    Maybe removing the 'previous' directory on the flashdrive could help ? It's the previous OS version for easy roll back, but you already have a backup of that.
    (that is, if 6.6.3 already provided that feature)
  8. ChatNoir's post in LuckyBackup Automation was marked as the answer   
    This looks like an app configuration issue, not an Unraid issue.
    You should seek support on the app support thread available through the 'support' button on the docker page.
  9. ChatNoir's post in Nvidia GPU not being used for transcoding was marked as the answer   
    Then you should create the variable.
    An example from my official Plex, but that should be the same.


  10. ChatNoir's post in How to delete Time Machine disks on Unraid server? was marked as the answer   
    You should try the File Manager plugin since you are on 6.10. You should be able to delete what you want from any share.
  11. ChatNoir's post in case delete dans share setting was marked as the answer   
    Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum,
    Unraid n'autorise la suppression d'un dossier partagé uniquement quand le dossier est vide.
    Si tu n'as pas la case, c'est certainement parce qu'il te reste des fichiers dans le dossier, éventuellement avec le plugin Recycle Bin ?
    Si tu es sur la 6.10.x, je te conseille d'installer le plugin 'File Manager' si ce n'est pas déjà fait, ça te permettra de faire le ménage rapidement avant de pouvoir effacer ce dossier.  
  12. ChatNoir's post in Accéder aux shares NFS de mon Syno dans Plex sur unRaid was marked as the answer   
    Rien à changer dans les options de Docker.
    Mais je pense qu'il faut que tu ajustes le template de ton Plex.
    J'ai l'impression que tu as fait pointé 'config' à l'intérieur du docker vers ton NAS syno au lieu du dossier appdata. Du coup, le container va écrire toute sa config, sa base de donnée, etc sur ton Syno par le réseau. Pas vraiment optimisé.
    Je pense qu'il faut que tu corriges ça

    Je pense qu'il faut que tu ajoutes un dossier supplémentaire comme cet exemple :

    Dans ton cas, pointes sur 'remote/ton nas' et choisi un nom dans le conteneur 'Syno' par exemple?
  13. ChatNoir's post in Question on drive connectivity was marked as the answer   
    Yes, the drives are identified by Unraid using their Serial Numbers. Unless the old or the new controller do not pass them through as is, you should be OK.
    Just as a side note, SATA2 is just fine for HDDs as they cannot saturate the interface (3Gbps).
    And depending on the model of HBA, it might not be great to attach SSDs to it as older controllers cannot TRIM.
  14. ChatNoir's post in Add Docker Repository Missing was marked as the answer   
    This maybe ?
  15. ChatNoir's post in [OS 6.10.1] Server reboots automatically and then freezes (after some reboots) was marked as the answer   
    Is the BIOS set up to boot automatically ?
    In any case, you can start to check the power states and update BIOS if its not the latest.
    I see that you did set up a syslog server, I did not see anything relevant there, but maybe someone else can.
  16. ChatNoir's post in [Solved] Update broke my network connection was marked as the answer   
    You should probably read the release details :
    Certain combinaison of hardware, drivers and possibly BIOS were corrupting data.
    6.10.2 was pushed to prevent data loss for the users at risk while investigations are on going.
    If you require more information, ask away. I will not be able to answer, but someone with more knowledge probably can.
  17. ChatNoir's post in Kernel Panic - Unraid crashes. was marked as the answer   
    I see MACVLAN in the log. If you are using docker containers with unique IPs, you should try 6.10RC4 and switch your Docker custom network type to IPVLAN that was introduced in 6.10 for that reason.
    The setting is in Settings / Docker Settings. You may have to switch to advanced view.
  18. ChatNoir's post in Electricity / Flash Icon Meaning was marked as the answer   
    You should ask that in the Unassigned Devices support thread.
  19. ChatNoir's post in Moving to LSI SAS Card - Any gotchas with drive order? was marked as the answer   
    Unraid assigns drives by Serial Number. The position on one controller or another is not important.
  20. ChatNoir's post in Offline Disk (Solved) was marked as the answer   
  21. ChatNoir's post in Completely Broken Flash Drive? was marked as the answer   
    I meant in Settings / Notification Settings , there are several ways for Unraid to keep you informed without needing to access the server (email, discord, telegram, slack, etc.)
    Its the best way to be aware as soon as possible of any issue with the server in order to act sooner rather than later and prevent a small issue to be big problem.
    Anyhow, if you did not set that up before, that won't help you now.
    You can check how to determine what are your data and parity drives with the instructions here :
  22. ChatNoir's post in (SOLVED) Unraid Crashes on 6.9.2 - issue was macvlan setting, IPVLAN setting in 6.10 fixes the problem was marked as the answer   
    I am seeing MACVLAN appear in your crash report.
    That can happen if you are using Docker containers with custom IP.
    I would suggest to upgrade to 6.10.0 RC4 and change the docker custom network type to IPVLAN in Settings / Docker settings.
  23. ChatNoir's post in Is there any way to change unraid's bound email address? was marked as the answer   
    You should contact Limetech directly with all the details.
  24. ChatNoir's post in Update smartctl from 7.1 to 7.2 was marked as the answer   
    It is 7.2, just checked.
    [email protected]:~# smartctl --version smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155 [x86_64-linux-5.15.30-Unraid] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-20, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, smartctl comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version. See for further details. smartmontools release 7.2 dated 2020-12-30 at 16:48:30 UTC smartmontools SVN rev 5155 dated 2020-12-30 at 16:49:18 smartmontools build host: x86_64-slackware-linux-gnu smartmontools build with: C++14, GCC 10.2.0 smartmontools configure arguments: '--prefix=/usr' '--libdir=/usr/lib64' '--mandir=/usr/man' '--sysconfdir=/etc' '--docdir=/usr/doc/smartmontools-7.2' '--build=x86_64-slackware-linux' 'build_alias=x86_64-slackware-linux' 'PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib64/pkgconfig:/usr/local/share/pkgconfig:/usr/lib64/pkgconfig:/usr/share/pkgconfig'  
  25. ChatNoir's post in Help Setting Up AMP CubeCoders For unraid was marked as the answer   
    You should ask that question on the support thread for the app.
    It think that's the one :