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  1. Try running the docker in privileged mode.
  2. Its a plugin. So maybe your plugins arent loading. What does the log inside rutorrent say?
  3. Ive now managed to solve my plugin issues by running the docker in priviliged mode.
  4. When I load the web interface the log looks like this:
  5. Problem persists for me as well. Heres my log if it helps:
  6. I have the latest update from 2 days ago and I still have the issue where a bunch of the plugins wont work. Anyone else also experiencing this?
  7. I would be able to give a hand if needed.
  8. Is there any simple way, a console command or such, to force the docker to reconnect the VPN? No, it doesnt work with PIA only. In the docker settings theres "VPN_PROV" where you can choose PIA, AirVPN or custom. I'm using custom with Mullvad VPN without problems.
  9. Is it just me or is the letsencrypt docker missing a bunch of folders and files? I just installed it and I dont have the proxy.conf file as well as the whole proxy-conf folder with all the samples? Though it seems noone else is missing them, so i wonder if its something wrong on my part?