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  1. Ok I checked out syslog.txt from the diagnostics and included relevant log entries below. It looks like on April 17th the Hardware Error occurred: Apr 17 21:30:26 Tower kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged Apr 17 21:30:26 Tower kernel: [Hardware Error]: Corrected error, no action required. Apr 17 21:30:26 Tower kernel: [Hardware Error]: CPU:0 (17:71:0) MC27_STATUS[-|CE|MiscV|-|-|-|-|SyndV|-]: 0x982000000002080b Apr 17 21:30:26 Tower kernel: [Hardware Error]: IPID: 0x0001002e00000500, Syndrome: 0x000000005a020001 Apr 17 21:30:26 Tower kernel: [Hardwa
  2. Bumping this. I edited OP with a new diagnostic report since I got the error notification again after I installed mcelog. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I got the following alert from Fix Common Problems. I did not have mcelog installed at the time I received this message. It's installed now, although I haven't received the notification again since I installed. I have attached my diagnostics for further assistance. Thanks in advance! Your server has detected hardware errors. You should install mcelog via the NerdPack plugin, post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums. The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged EDIT: Updated Diagnostic report with mce log
  4. +1 for this! As a web developer, I would love to be able to help with this to move it forward if the unRAID ppl are interested in implementing this.
  5. +1! Would be awesome if they worked like Desktop/OS notifications where I can just click on them and it will take me to the relevant page in the GUI.
  6. There's this sale going on right now as well.
  7. I'm curious about this as well. Also, I've read a handful of people say that they prefer APC over CyberPower UPS's. A couple people said their CyberPower UPS caught fire or started smoking, but some of them sounded like negligence on their end (waiting too long to change battery, dust accumulation in the unit, etc.)
  8. @Derek_ did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue. When I run lftp, any folders/files it creates are root:root and i need it to be nobody:users. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the plugin! I have a question about permissions. I am in the process of migrating my Plex/NAS server from a Mac. On my Mac I have a script that syncs new files every 5 minutes from a remote seedbox. I have altered this script for UnRAID to download to my "Downloads" share. It appears to work fine as far as the syncing goes, but the files on the share are read-only and I can't do anything about that. What should I do to make it so I can have read/write permissions from my other devices when I access the share? Thanks! Here's the script: #!/bin/bash #### Seedbox Sync #
  10. First off, thank you for this great plugin! I'd like to suggest a feature. Not sure if this would be possible to do, but figure it would be worth throwing it out there. On Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) for Mac, it has a feature called Safety Net. Basically, the backups that program does are differential and then it throws all the deleted/removed files into a SafetyNet folder, similar to this Recycle Bin plugin. On CCC you can set the max size of the SafetyNet. Once it reaches the max size, it will automatically delete the oldest files that were copied to the SafetyNet until it has enoug
  11. Never mind, I figured it all out. Thanks again for the help!
  12. Thank you for the reply. So the way to go about this would be to stop the array, remove the 2TB from the list, and then add it as an unassigned device and restart the array? I have the plugins installed. And one more issue I’m facing is that my cache drive won’t mount. It came formatted as NTFS. When I stop the array, change the file system to XFS, and start the array again, I don’t get prompted to format it. I read that was the process for reformatting.
  13. Hi guys, I have built my first Unraid server. I currently have a 12TB disk for parity and a 1TB SSD for cache. I am waiting for a sale on WD drives to buy some more for the array. While putting the server together, I remembered I have a 2TB drive laying around that hasn't been in use for awhile, so I figured I might as well throw it in the server as Disk 1 so I can get it up and running and add more drives later. So I get Unraid running from the flash drive and as it's doing the first parity build, I remember that there might be a few things on that 2TB drive that I had