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  1. Would it be possible to include OpenSSH package inside this image? It would allow me to sync git projects more easily with my Github account using SSH. For now I manually installed it inside the container, but I can imagine this would be nice to have included by default. edit: opened a pull request to do exactly this:
  2. I find it marvelous that you would go this length to build these drivers without even owning an AMD! I own a ryzen 2400g and tried to install your package. It would install (or so it says), but there is no existence of any /dev/dri when I look for it. Shouldn't it simply show up when I enter the command ls /dev? I did try a reboot to no avail. Should I go ahead and pass /dev/dri to the plex server container anyway?
  3. I figured out what the likely culprit is. I see from your github that the nextgen PIA servers also require a new method of obtaining a port. Hence the two functions: `get_incoming_port_nextgen` and `get_incoming_port_legacy`. The nextgen function is only chosen if the VPN_REMOTE_SERVER env variable contains ``. However when I explicitly set an IP in my openvpn config (from the nextgen servers) it will still select the old `get_incoming_port_legacy`. Could you possibly add an optional docker environment var that forces the get_incoming_port_nextgen to be selected? Maybe make it such that: if [[ "${VPN_REMOTE_SERVER}" == *""* || "${FORCE_PIA_NEXTGEN:-false}" == "true"]]; then Notice how I set a default value for FORCE_PIA_NEXTGEN (but you can also set default in Dockerfile). So you can leave it out of your dockerman definition and people need not know it even exists. However people that know about this environment variable setting (perhaps if you put it in the FAQ) could use this to force nextgen functionality. This would help people like me that want a static VPN IP from PIA.
  4. @binhex great work for fixing it. It all works like a charm again with PIA port forwarding. Been a big fan of this for a long time already. There is just one thing that used to work that does not work anymore; connecting to a specific IP of PIA's VPN severs. Before next-gen, I could replace the domain name (example: and replace it with an IP to ensure I'd get the same public IP assigned after a restart of the container. The connection to PIA still works when I select a specific IP, but the port forwarding somehow fails. It says that the port serving page of PIA refuses the connection ( I have no idea why the port forwarding suddenly breaks when trying to fix the IP in the openvpn configuration file, but is this something you could still have a look at? Some torrent sites are really paranoid and require me to provide a static IP The domain names rotate between a set of IPs for each region so you'll almost always have a different public IP after restarting the container or if the connection resets.
  5. Will you also update PIA VPN connection with older versions of deluge? I prefer to stick with Deluge 1.3 because of the Windows Thin Client and some plugins not working in 2.0.
  6. Having the same issues with port forwarding. Any western-european servers that have kept their port-forwarding abilities? I tried Swiss, french and german servers with no luck...