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  1. So I now have some updates - I am getting poll timeout - this seems to be intermittent as I have been able to get it working after increasing the descramble timeout on the streams settings but basically 99% of the time I can't get anything to work. Here is the log from TVH 2020-09-09 21:47:55.159 http: using ticket e6699b0a240f1d4b5e86bef72a9e13d7a895590a for /stream/channel/ed244666e0765118183c5710fab6fd1f 2020-09-09 21:47:55.159 mpegts: 655.625MHz in DVB-T Network - tuning on Silicon Labs Si2168 #1 : DVB-T #0 2020-09-09 21:47:55.159 subscription: 03C0: "HTTP" subscri
  2. I have just set up TVH to serve streams from my internal Hauppauge DVB card to Xteve and merge with IPTV for use in PLEX on my unraid box. I previously had the card working direct in plex. TVH can get the channels and EPG data (from the terrestrial stream) but when I try and play in the webgui it either stays on loading or gives me an unexpected error. I can access the playlist and epg export from TVH in Xteve but I cannot view the TV channels in plex or TVH webgui
  3. Is anyone running a DVR post-processing script to re-encode the DVR recordings?
  4. My rig seems to be HW transcoding with 6.8.2. So I guess I don't have to roll back?
  5. I know how to do it physically, I was wondering if there is anything I need to be aware of or take consideration for rolling back
  6. Just upgraded my mobo and cpu/cpu cooler allowing me to install my Hauppauge quad hd tuner. Was on unraid 6.8.3 and went to LibreElec 6.8.2 and passed through to plex. Worked straight away. Awesome! great work guys. I have an i9-9900k. To roll back to 6.8.0-rc7 (I believe this is the linux 5 kernel) will this cause me any dramas? I want to ensure the igpu is being utilised
  7. Just upgraded my server. Signature was no longer current as I had upgraded the CPU about 2 years ago to an i7-3770 but upgrades as follows for my 8 year old server: From This: Lian Li Q25, Zotac H67ITX-C-E, Intel G630, 8GB Ram, 1x4TB Seagate Parity, 1x4TB + 2x3TB + 1x2TB WD Red Array, 1x2TB Seagate Array, 1x2TB Samsung Array, 1x120GB Kingston SSDNow Cache To This: 1 x 10TB WD Parity drive shucked. 1 x 10TB WD drive 1 x 4TB WD Red 2 x 3TB WD Red Corsair SF450 PSU (finally free'd up some space in for airflow) 1 x Kingston A2000 250GB M.2 (2280) PC
  8. My setup has been maxing out CPU and memory after a few days running for both InfluxDB and Telegraf. I realise that I had not removed HOST_MOUNT_PREFIX from telegraf so I have fixed that however now my usage/free on my /mnt/user folder is not working. I am not sure if this is/is not the cause of CPU/RAM maxing. It only happens after about 48 hours of uptime for the dockers box-diagnostics-20200415-0837.zip
  9. I'm having the same issue 2020-04-15 13:44:16,559 INFO - Starting NZBHydra main process with command line: java -Xmx256M -DfromWrapper -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1 -noverify -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=/config/logs -Xlog:gc*:file=../../config/logs/gclog-2020-04-15_13-44-16.log::filecount=10,filesize=5000 -Dspring.output.ansi.enabled=ALWAYS -jar /app/hydra2/lib/core-2.17.5-exec.jar --nobrowser --datafolder /config in folder /app/hydra2 13:44:17.245 [main] DEBUG org.nzbhydra.config.ConfigReaderWriter - Using temporary file /config/nzbhydra.yml.bak 13:44:17.252 [main] ERROR or
  10. Thanks I'll look at that. I am starting to think Telegraf may be filling my cache drive which invokes the mover then for some reason telegraf hits massive CPU because it can't save to the cache disk? I killed and restarted telegraf after the original post. I just had to kill it for hittin 200% cpu usage in topper and slowing the system down. Now that I've killed it RAM has gone from 91% to 74% and CPU usage is fine. What is going on here? EDIT: Perhaps this is related?
  11. I am seeing my CPU and Memory maxed out after a few days of uptime. I ran top just before and influxdb and telegraf seemed to be the high CPU users. I killed them and it pretty much fixed the CPU but RAM usage is still high. Are these two actually the problem? How can I fix this (without removing the two dockers) box-diagnostics-20200415-0837.zip
  12. I currently have no shares with disk 4 or 5 marked for inclusion/exclusion specifically
  13. Thanks. Do I need to unassign the two disks im removing from shares? because I am removing disk 4 and 5, disk 6 will obviously become disk 4 in the new state. So I don't want to screw this up
  14. No i haven’t used it. I’ve only ever expanded the array or replaced drives. I’m assuming all your advice above is when the array is stopped? will it matter if I am leaving disk 6 but removing disk 4/5?
  15. Thanks ok maybe I am understanding the method on the wiki https://wiki.unraid.net/Shrink_array but what I have done so far: Replace parity drive to 10tb Rebuild parity Replace array drive 6 with 10tb Rebuild drive Move all files from Drive 5 to drive 6 Move all files from Drive 4 to Drive 6 - This is about to finish So my next move will be to stop the array. go to new config, unassign both drives 4 and 5 (at the same time?). then rebuild parity? I say unusable as I disabled all downloading, plex etc during the parity rebuild and copy to t