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  1. Keeping it but otherwise classifying it as abandonware is what the concerns are about.
  2. I would rather automate backups to a local network share rather than unraid.net. I doubt I'll even install the unraid.net plugin as I already have remote access set up to my satisfaction. Disappointed to hear that this plugin's auto-backup for flash will be deprecated in favor of a cloud solution.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the script; I used it on unRAID 6.9.0-beta35 and successfully swapped a keyfile. Was sweating a bit the first time I brought the array down and back up, but it went perfectly. Did all 15 data disks, 2 cache pool disks, and 2 nvme pool disks.
  4. I used the tarball method shared by beckp and it works in 6.9.0 beta 35. Simply one line in the go file and one tarball stored on the flash drive, and now my unRAID dynamically pulls the encryption key off of a local server when needed.