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  1. Hi, getting an error after rebooting unraid, what can i do internal error: child reported (status=125): unable to open /etc/libvirt/qemu/nvram/4f6effeb-4e36-431a-809f-d016c4aa829e_VARS-pure-efi.fd: Read-only file system
  2. Looks more like the servers are down, if you choose method 2 there is this error
  3. Hi, i tried everything like shown in the video but the install and open core images are not loaded. All files are in the right place @SpaceInvaderOne any idea why the two images are not loaded?
  4. Hi, is there any update for MacInABox to install Big Sur? I found this Site where SpaceInvader wrote that he has the update ready an it should be online on November 29th
  5. Hi, i am working on moving from synology to unraid. Right now struggeling with Jellyfish and DLNA Server. Wehen opening DLNA Server on a TV i get a lot of folders like newest, genres and stuff like that. Is there a way to not show them, i just want my folder structure to be displayed Thanks