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  1. I will reboot the system on Friday to add an HBA card. Will collect and send you the Diagnostics if it disappears again after the reboot. Thank you!
  2. I am having a very weird issue, every time that I restart the server Preclear plugin is gone and I need to reinstall it again. It installs ok without errors and once installed it works fine until the next restart that it will be wiped again. It only happens with this plugin that I install using CA. Running Unraid 6.9.0-beta30.
  3. I cannot find this plugin in "Apps", has it been removed? Edit: It looks like it is not compatible with my version of unRaid:
  4. Happy to report that it worked for me! I may test it in my main system that have an AX1600i, but in my unRaid server with an AX1200i it works like a charm.