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  1. Oh my gosh, I just realized in my IPMI console they are bonded...would this be an issue if I have aggregation enabled through unraid?
  2. @Gonzo-the-great yup, that's exactly how mine is setup. Would you mind checking your syslogs for that warning? I wonder if it's a false positive?
  3. @Hoopster or anyone here do you happen to use bonding mode 802.3ad? I recently upgraded all my equipment and have a unifi 8 port switch with LAG and have set it up based on this guide but I'm always greeted with this message in the logs: bond0: Warning: No 802.3ad response from the link partner for any adapters in the bond I'm having a hell of a time setting up VLANs as well with dockers but slowly getting them to work. Only one that's really giving me trouble is CUPs but I think that's a docker image issue as it only works on the local host (bridge) and refuses to function correctly on vlans.
  4. Little update, I can add the printer manually to the PCs but iPhones will not connect. I just tried installing multicast-relay thinking it was a mDNS issue from this guide but with no success. Pulling my hair out https://www.brandonmartinez.com/2020/09/02/unifi-and-mdns-with-apple-homekit/
  5. Hey all, I'm lookin for some help with this cups docker. I'm in the middle of setting up VLANs for my network and wanted my printer and scanners to be within their own but for the life of me I cannot get cups to work with all the other subnets. I've upgraded to a Dream Machine and all the traffic is currently flowing unrestricted to each VLAN since I'm still testing it all out during setup. I've edited the cupsd.conf so many times based on findings from the internet but I cannot get the printers to show up on other subnets. Crazy thing is, my iPhone can see a printer but my pcs do not discover it. When selecting it on the phone I get an error. If the docker gets switched to bridge network mode they come right up and work. Would love any ideas!
  6. I'm getting these errors too every 10 min. I rebuilt my unRAID flash from scratch and setup everything manually again one by one to track down another issue and noticed it happening. Not sure where to look for a further trace stack on the error. I suspect this is happening to quite a few people?
  7. Going to close this one out for myself as solved as I have not had any network disconnects since switching that docker setting off.
  8. I second this seller! Bought my ASRock Rack E3C246D4U from them as well. I was just looking at their inventory trying to plan out my upgrade path. Where you headed @Hoopster, I was eyeing something in the 12/13th gen spectrum.
  9. Wanted to post a little update: After switching "Host access to custom networks" to disabled I have not seen the internet drop for about a day now. I'm going to keep everything how it is for a few more days to see if stability changes.
  10. So I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is causing my server to drop internet randomly. It will work on a fresh reboot for a while before locking out again. I run a raspberry pi with pi-hole on my network but the unraid server itself does not use that (DNS set to within network). I restarted my whole house network a few time and one of the resets brought networking back once but then dropped it after a few hours. I also went nuclear and rebuilt the flash drive from scratch which the latest version of my server is running and the issue still came back. At this point I'm not sure what it is. Could the onboard NICs be dying (but all local network traffic is fine...)? Happy to answer any questions about the server and setup. Thanks for reading! EDIT: I was messing around with wireguard recently following a tutorial on the forums and just recently enabled this for access to dockers "Host access to custom networks". I disabled this just now and internet seemed to return? Does starting and stopping docker restart ethernet drivers as well? blackcloud-diagnostics-20230224-0946.zip
  11. I'm on 6.11.5 too. The trick for me was I downloaded the corresponding txz with that version of the plugin and placed it on the flash drive. Next I manually installed the plugin by using that link and it worked. Here's the link to the .txz for ya! https://github.com/bergware/dynamix/raw/fbd863f64ce1af8ea97ac2d13cc906a410925b9f/archive/dynamix.file.integrity.txz EDIT: Honestly, it's still not functioning right. New files don't get hashed even though I have the setting "save new files hashes to flash" enabled. Think overall I'm just going to remove this and write a little script to remove left over hashes that are stuck on files.
  12. Ok, rolled back the plugin to this version and it's working again... https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bergware/dynamix/fbd863f64ce1af8ea97ac2d13cc906a410925b9f/unRAIDv6/dynamix.file.integrity.plg
  13. I've run "New Permissions" not too long ago and everything matches what the help docs have for those Shares. Looking at this code, I'm reading it that if the "user.scandate" attr is empty then using -R should remove the three extra attrs but it doesn't seem to...Not sure where my setup is going wrong. if [[ -z $userdate || $((userdate/86400)) -le $epoch ]]; then ((count++)) setfattr -x user.$hash "$file" 2>/dev/null [[ $cmd == R ]] && setfattr -x user.scandate "$file" 2>/dev/null [[ $cmd == R ]] && setfattr -x user.filedate "$file" 2>/dev/null [[ $cmd == R ]] && setfattr -x user.filesize "$file" 2>/dev/null EDIT: Yeah, not seeing anything wrong in the code. Even if the user.scandate was 0 it still should respect the flags...What's going on with my system then. Cannot get this to kick off at all anymore.
  14. Just want to jump in here too, I get the same thing. I manually this on all my disks to remove previous hashes: /bin/bash /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/scripts/bunker -r -b2 /mnt/diskX /bin/bash /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/scripts/bunker -r -b3 /mnt/diskX Removed all old preferences and started fresh but every time I hit build its completes immediately with the same log as the previous post. For now the plugin stays disabled. I'm not quite sure what's going on. EDIT: it also looks like "bunker -R -b3 /mnt/diskX" is broken? it only clears the hash but not the other "user." attrs looking in to the script. Wonder if the new unraid version is causing issues?
  15. Hey all! I've been searching the forums since 6.10.3 has released and have not seen an answer to this question: Is ssd trim supported for ex-fat formatted drives within the unassigned devices pool? I have a drive that is hot swap-able for traveling but it's formatted in ex-fat. I see unraid notifications on 6.9.2 that it's not supported but since 6.10.3 the kernel was updated to 5.13 which should introduce trim for ex-fat but I'm unsure as I have not upgraded yet. Long story short does trim work for ex-fat drives now on 6.10.3? Anyone have experience with this?