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  1. Sounds great! Also, I posted in another thread about the multi thread performance. I’m getting the same thing if I mess with any voltage or load line with this board. My performance is cut nearly in half. My bios is up to date as well. I’m having a heck of a time under-volting and keeping similar performance as default auto. I tried the other micro code setting thinking it was the whole intel disabling under-volting deal but still no go.
  2. I'm at my wits end. I am trying to under-volt the board to give me some thermal headroom on the 13900k but I cannot get good performance. Anything I touch with ACLL, DCLL, Actual Voltage or Global Voltage immediately drops performance by half. In Cinebench R23 I get 16k instead of the 35-36k when set at default auto settings (But I hit 100 degrees). Intel XTU also is all greyed out so I cant even test adjust there...no idea what is going on. UnderVolt Protection is disabled too. I'm on latest BIOS and read a thread about switching microcode as well which I've done but same results. What the hell is the correct way to do it on this board?
  3. @firstTimerCould you post images of all your BIOS settings for the power saving options. I cannot get this to work, unraid crashes with powertop after a few minutes. I'm wondering if I got a bunk bios setting. P.S. This is an awesome write-up!
  4. For anyone who is using the Kingston 32gig 4800 RAM (KSM48E40BD8KM-32HM), is there an XMP profile selection for you? I'm curious if I'm just overlooking where the option is or do these modules not have an XMP? EDIT: Has anyone done any CPU undervolting? If so, do you use the "Actual VRM Core Voltage" setting? There's no documentation in the manual for that one
  5. @Omid take a look at this PDF for a password reset within windows or linux. Section is called "How to Reset the IPMI expansion card login password" https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/Add-on_card/IPMI_EXPANSION_CARD/IPMI_Expansion_Card_FAQ_EN.pdf?model=IPMI EXPANSION CARD
  6. Haha yup! Currently reading that. Also, I'd love to donate to your time if you set out on this journey, let me know how I can help. Take it to DM maybe? EDIT: Oh boy, I think it's going to be a bit of trial and error...I'll have to reboot to bios and see if I can get some logs to spew out. The web interface doesn't provide the hex and other details like this screenshot.
  7. Not a clue currently, working to figure that out. Not much documentation out there yet for the Asus-w680-ace-ipmi. Any tips on where to start? Doesn't look like there's a simple command to print or anything to trace in the logs so far.
  8. Yup, totally see those and I see that in the code. Is there a way to expand or add a board if I figure out the values or is it more complicated then that? One downside to this board is I cannot control the front side fans (only testing this setup with 2 fans so far) with the temps of the HDDs and I'm lookin to work that in. root@Sandrock:/# ipmisensors ID | Name | Type | Reading | Units | Event 32 | CPU_FAN | Fan | 600.00 | RPM | 'OK' 33 | CPU_OPT_FAN | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 34 | MB_CHA_FAN1 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 35 | MB_CHA_FAN2 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 36 | MB_CHA_FAN3 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 37 | MB_CHA_FAN4 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 38 | MB_CHA_FAN5 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 43 | MB_AIO_PUMP | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 44 | CHA_FAN1 | Fan | 960.00 | RPM | 'OK' 45 | CHA_FAN2 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 46 | CHA_FAN3 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 47 | CHA_FAN4 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 48 | CHA_FAN5 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 49 | CHA_FAN6 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 50 | CHA_FAN7 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 51 | CHA_FAN8 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A
  9. @SimonF would it be possible to get the ASUSTeK Pro WS W680-ACE IPMI board supported? I'm looking at the code on github and I'm not quite sure where to start to get it implemented. How do you obtain all these raw values...if that's even the first step? Is there a way to provide our own fan.cfg setup and have the plugin go off that? I see there's an override setting for the Fan tab but I can't get it to detect any fans correctly after that.
  10. Under "Monitor" in the bios you can switch it over to IPMI. Hope that helps!
  11. Yup, but changing the source to look at HDD or HDD pool. Doesn't look like there's a default way. Only other options in here are temp probes.
  12. Hey all! I wanted to share my experience as well. Just got it up and running. Took a bit but things seem to be smooth with the IPMI (for those who are pulling their hair out to get to the web interface put 'https://' in front of your BMC IP) I did have issues when I updated to to the latest bios with my RAM. It kept down-clocking them to 3200 instead of 4800 and I could not get the speeds back up without going back to bios version 2602. One question I had for the group, is there a way to tie the fan speed to HDD temps? I currently don't see a way without buying separate temp probes and using that in the fan settings. There doesn't seem to be a way to use anything other then CPU or temp probes. I learned the Fan tab in the IPMI tools plugin only appears for ASRock and SuperMicro boards. Wonder if there's a way to hack that?
  13. Hey there! I'm about to pull the trigger on this board and came across this. Before I buy I'm going to watch this thread. Have you tried changing the Graphics Configuration settings in the BIOS? Looks like there is a toggle for iGPU Multi-Monitor support. Wonder if that will help resolve the issue? Seems like this individual had some iGPU issues as well: https://old.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/10r98b9/new_intel_build_advice_w680_z690_z790/j9u65sd/
  14. Not to steal your thunder @Hoopster but I got curious and googled what you were talking about. I didn't know about the ipmitool kit! Is this what you followed? https://www.asrockrack.com/support/faq.asp?id=57 EDIT: Through googling, I found an old post of Hoopster's that ipmitools can be installed with the NerdTools. That should get you up and running hopefully?
  15. Huh, strange, what are your BIOS and BMC Firmware Version? I'm on BMC 1.80 and BIOS L2.35. Maybe try updating to latest on both if you are not.