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  1. No problem, I looked into it and found others having the same problem with docker installs only Go into your unraid pihole template and where it says Repository enter this "pihole/pihole:v5.6" to rollback for now.
  2. Thanks for doing this! Uninstalled new version and copy pasted that URL into "Install Plugin" under Plugins and worked perfect!
  3. Thank you for this! Was just pulling my hair out trying to activate the old docker with version 10 to no avail. You are a lifesaver!
  4. Just lost my cache disk last night a nvme stick just up and died on me. Furious I lost data like yourself and swore to get dual SSD to do a cache pool. Yet now researching the subject and your own experience as well, it seems a waste of a second drive. Currently looking at a solution myself on a better way of handling the data on cache so if there is a drive failure I don’t lose my data. I use the CA backup appdata plugin but with it having to shutdown dockers it interrupts some of my programs even if it’s running overnight. Also I have a large Plex setup that takes forever to backup. That’s
  5. I updated and ran the newest v3 release and noticed Drone Factory was gone which I use despite warnings to not use. That is just how my setup is configured and it works. v3 this is gone which I knew was coming eventually. However I rolled back to v2 and cannot login to radarr anymore. Any suggestion on how to get it to login? Don't want to lose my configuration. Thanks