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  1. nickro8303

    One CPU core stuck at 100%

    Ran the htop command from the terminal and it shows that core at about 40%. Not seeing anything in the VM that would be causing it. It could be a glitch in the GUI?
  2. nickro8303

    One CPU core stuck at 100%

    One of 8 cores has been pegged at 100% for the last few days. Not sure what is causing this. Has anyone else had this issue? tower-diagnostics-20181221-1854.zip
  3. nickro8303

    [support] digiblur's Docker Template Repository

    @Squid I checked those settings and everything is set correctly. Image is still at 77%.
  4. nickro8303

    [support] digiblur's Docker Template Repository

    I don't know if any body else is having this issue but UNMS keeps growing the log size and filling up my Docker image. Is there any way to prevent this? I've gone through the app and removed the backups and downloaded firmware but it continues to keep growing. What is causing this?
  5. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    So I assigned the disks according to the DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt file from the backup and started the array checking the box that the parity is valid and everything seems to be working properly as far as I can tell. I rebooted and the server came back up with no issues, array started and everything without restoring the super.dat file. I'm still worried that there is a hardware problem somewhere but it seems to working properly for now. Thank you for your help @trurl
  6. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    The one on the array is CA Backup plugin not sure about the one from March though. I probably just made a copy straight from the flash drive and pasted it to my google drive.
  7. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    It does. I didn't see it.
  8. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    Getting a warning that "All existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is Started" in regards to the parity drive when I manually assign the drives, I'm assuming this isn't an issue since the data on the array should still be good. So all I need to do is replace the "config" folder on flash drive with the from the backup and boot to unRAID and it should be back to normal?
  9. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    Nothing has changed since March but I went ahead and checked both disk assignment files anyway and they are the same. Should I wipe the flash drive and restore it from the back up or can I just replace the super.dat file from the back up? Seems like I should just be able to reassign each drive back to it's spot and restart the array.
  10. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    The most recent one I have is from March of this year. I have a newer one but it's on the array.
  11. nickro8303

    All Drives Showing Up Unassigned (SOLVED)

    Check disk found no errors and I was able to open DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt.
  12. This afternoon my unRAID server became unresponsive and I had to do an unclean shutdown. Before I did I was able to get to the console and take a picture of it. After the reboot I open the gui, the array is stopped and all drives are showing up unassigned. No idea what is going on here, can somebody help me out? Error log post unclean shutdown and picture of the console of before I shut it down attached. tower-diagnostics-20180909-1719.zip
  13. nickro8303

    Unable to write to Cache Pool (SOLVED)

    @johnnie.black I see. I'm almost certain when I set up the cache pool originally I did it as RAID 0 to maximize the space available this was a few years ago though so my memory is foggy but I don't think I would have set it to RAID 1. Not sure how or when that changed. Thank you for your help.
  14. This issue started a few days ago and keeps getting worse. My Dockers crashed the other day, I found a bunch of BRTFS errors in the event log after searching the forums I found it was due to the Cache pool (2 SSDs) being full. Even though it shows that it has plenty of space free. I deleted and recreated the Docker image and rebooted the server. Ever since then I've been having issues with Docker especially Plex. When running fix common problems it keeps telling me that unRAID can't write to the cache pool because it's full but it shows there is space there. This morning I got up and the server was locked up and I had to hard power it off. After coming back up Docker service won't start and I'm getting lots of BRTFS errors and it's telling me the "Cache Disk free space is less than the cache floor setting" but I have it set to 5gb and it shows currently as having almost 65gb free. SMART tests show no errors on the cache disks. I have attached diagnostics from the last few days. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20180905-0805.zip tower-diagnostics-20180903-1721.zip tower-diagnostics-20180901-1545.zip
  15. Monthly parity check found one error. I've been running this server for a few years now and this is the first time I've run into the parity check finding an error. Is this something that is no big deal or is it a sign of a bigger issue and what do I do to figure that out? Syslog shows no recent errors and there have been no unclean shutdowns recently either. I ran SMART tests on all the drives and found no errors. So what could've caused this error? Syslog attached for Info. TIA tower-diagnostics-20180901-1545.zip