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  1. I'm probably having similar issue.... mine says this on ios:
  2. Awesome! I added this in my original post
  3. I never tried to run it through CLI but you can setup a script and run it through Scripts plugin so intead of having a list of channels in ytdl.conf you paste individual links, I do that sometimes
  4. Tks squid. I did see that post but wasn't sure it would also apply to my case anyway, it worked flawlessly
  5. Is my CA dead? apps tab is just a blank screen: CA version: unraid 6.8.3
  6. I'm sorry, I mean the connection never gets through again. All settings are there, auto-start on, but once the server is rebooted, the tunnel stops working Am I the only one with this sort of problem?
  7. Well I can't get wireguard to work consistently Everytime I reboot or shutdown it's gone
  8. Yeah I do my backups too, will have to figure out how to setup an automated workaround for this maybe adding an rsync/rclone job at the startup of the array to copy the backup config file to the qbittorrent folder idk
  9. I'm experiencing the same exact problem Were you able to find a reason, or solution?
  10. Hey! Thanks for the response. Mine is set like this (I think it's default - not exactly sure I changed anything here) I haven't updated to 6.9, should it work if I add the script in the /boot/config/go ? Fingers crossed!
  11. So thanks for your reply I did some further testing and it seems something is broken when there's a reset: router (IP changes, although I set duckdns for wireguard) or server autostart:on is set on unraid remote connections/handshakes work flawlessly upon first setup (delete tunnel, set up a new one -- done this dozen times lol) when there's a reset tho, everything goes south I might need to revert to vpn since I cant trust my unraid with WG at this point -- and I can't know why!!!!
  12. The first error I've never had particularly, but I think there's some discussions on the official github support page, you might want to take a look there The second error and the warnings about format/missing subs are fairly normal, some videos don't have subs (either preloaded or generated)
  13. Thanks, but I thought the autostart:on option would make it automatic?
  14. Hi, I'm sorry for the late response, you tagged someone else entirely 😆 To your question: youtube-dl has some native options but depending on your case I'd either do: a simulated run with archive options and remove all entries you actually want downloaded from the archive (this will make yt-dl write all strings from the channel but download none), or add all videos you want to a public playlist and have yt-dl fetch that list #1 is more work but will run great if you don't want to download specific videos in future releases (which would have you redo the procedure all the time) #2 is the simplest, fastest and future-proof option so I'd stick with that Hope this helps, feel free to reply if you need more assistance though
  15. I had WG working flawlessly until I had to do a server reboot and apparently it's now broken, no idea why I can't get a handshake anymore, but I haven't changed anything on the router/tower, I have my ip updated thru duckdns any clues? 😟