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  1. In case anyone is interested... I've been experimenting with using a Raspberry Pi on my local network to AutoStart an encrypted array. I have a Raspberry Pi 4, running Raspberry Pi OS with SSH enabled. I'm using the following command in my Go file: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & curl --insecure -u user:password sftp:// -o /root/keyfile Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. I've been experimenting with using a Raspberry Pi on my local network to AutoStart an encrypted array. This method is working fine, but I'd like to know if I'm missing anything from a security perspective. I have a Raspberry Pi 4, running Raspberry Pi OS with SSH enabled. I'm using the following command in my Go file: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & curl --insecure -u user:password sftp:// -o /root/keyfile Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, I just added two new disks to my existing array. Unraid is currently clearing the disks which should take approx. 20 hours. Is there anyway to skip the clearing process, and make the disks usable immediately? I realize this is not considered best practice, but my array is out of space, and I'm unable to store footage from my security cams. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can anyone help me with the following? I'd like to use the following option (to avoid duplicate files), but I'm unsure how I would configure it in Unraid. Download only videos not listed in the archive file. Record the IDs of all downloaded videos in it --download-archive FILE Do I need to manually create the file for each Channel/Playlist, or can this be done automatically? Thanks!
  5. Good Afternoon, I'm trying to do a clean install with another flash drive. When I attempt to use the USB Creator tool, I'm receiving the following error: "This Flash device is blacklisted. Please choose another Flash device for Unraid." I'm assuming this is because my Unraid license is linked to the old flash drive. How can I resolve this? Thank you.
  6. I recently had a failure on WD 8TB drive. I'm going to be sending the disk back to RMA. What is the best way to wipe this drive before sending it back?
  7. I have a Windows 7 VM running on one of my drives, and it's extremely slow. I think the added read/writes for parity are causing it. Is it possible to disable parity for a single disk, in order to increase performance? Thanks.
  8. Do I need to enable User Shares to use VM's? I'm currently using unRAID by accessing each disk. I have User Shares disabled. Can I setup a VM without enabling User Shares? Thanks.
  9. I'm trying to install from the link in the first post.
  10. plugin: installing: plugin: downloading plugin: downloading: ... done plugin: downloading: ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response) plugin: wget: download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response) I can't seem to install this plugin. Any ideas?
  11. Hi Everyone, I've been traveling for the past month and tried to access my server today. When I login to admin panel, none of my disks are showing. Screenshot is attached. Uptime shows 44 days, so it does not appear that there have been any power outages. I tried to restart the server, but it does not seem to be doing anything. I also noticed no version number or description is being displayed. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I tried the tape method, but after taping the 3rd pin, it will not allow me to boot into Unraid. When I remove the tape, I can boot just fine, but cannot see the drive.
  13. Has anybody run into this issue with the WD White Label drives? I thought I'd share my ordeal just in case anyone else stumbles upon this problem. Had a helluva time finding this issue online for some reason. I recently found the need for more storage space and after researching a bit, chose the 8TB EasyStore from Best Buy for shucking. I drove on over, it was $200, great stuff. Came home, followed a visual guide to take it apart, also easy and quick! I noticed it had a white label, which seemed odd, but whatever, this was the drive, right? Made in Thailand with 256MB cache, that's the one! So I removed an older drive from my computer and stuck this one in, only to find it didn't spin up. Crap. I googled around for awhile only to find that this model is the WD80EMAZ rather than the expected WD80EFZX. A lot of forums had people saying they were the same drive, same specs, everything... anyway, I thought maybe it was the PSU I was using (I had to RMA my newer one, using a much older one) so I reassembled the WD and used DC power. Worked immediately. I noticed a couple people on reddit and slickdeals complaining that these drives wouldn't power on with SATA and only worked externally, but tons of other people saying "no problems here I have 3/6/51824 of these in my tower since [the big bang] and they're fine." I really didn't want to reassemble it and go back to Best Buy to exchange it for... what, maybe another of the same? Maybe a real red? The box doesn't list which internal drive you're getting. So I kept searching and found this PDF from HGST, a company WD owns detailing a "power disable feature" found on some of their drives. This feature uses the 3.3V pin to send a hard reset signal to the drive, a pin which I believe was never utilized by hard drives before this. Anyway, as the PDF states, my PSU was basically forcing the drive into a constant "reset" state, preventing it from spinning up at all. The external board it came with must just bypass this. My "solution" was to pull the 3.3V (orange) wire from that particular sata connector and cap/tape it off (shown in linked pics). Look at that, immediately spun up and working. I've seen other people say use a molex to sata adapter as that also ignores the 3.3V line, but I've also seen a lot of posts about these melting, so do with that what you will. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to make it work in my NORCO SS-500's. Pics:
  14. I assigned the bad drive to a new slot in the parity array.
  15. Good Morning, I recently had a drive error (Red X). I wasn't sure if the drive had actually failed, but to be safe, I installed a fresh drive and successfully rebuilt the new disk. Everything went well. Today, I decided to re-install the old disk to run an extended SMART test. It appears the drive is bad. Can I remove the bad drive from the array without rebuilding parity? Thanks.
  16. I was able to get it mounted by creating a .smbcredentials file and running the following command: sudo mount -t cifs //tower/disk2/ /tower/disk2 -o credentials=/home/sean/.smbcredentials My next issue is regarding permissions. I can access the mounted drive, but I can't write to it. Would I be better off using NFS?
  17. I'm running the following command: sudo mount //tower/disk2/ /tower/disk2 I'm receiving the following error: mount: /tower/disk2 is not a block device
  18. Okay I got the path part figured out. //tower/disk1/EMAIL%20BACKUP I'm receiving an error "Permission Denied" How should I proceed?
  19. On windows I use the following path to save my files: \\TOWER\disk1\EMAIL BACKUP What would be the corresponding path on Ubuntu? I've tried the following without success: smb:// smb://tower.local/disk1/EMAIL%20BACKUP //tower.local/disk1/EMAIL%20BACKUP Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. I use Windows 7 to access my unraid server. What is the best way to search my files. Everything Search Engine