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  1. I rebooted many a times. It seems like a BUG. Only having this issue in 6.1.4 Duppie
  2. Under Settings Docker it is disabled? Duppie
  3. Thanks Squid, There is a Docker tab and I am definitely not using Docker. How to disable then? and why only now in release 6.1.4? Duppie
  4. Since I upgraded to this release I get the following notifications: Event: Docker high image disk utilization Subject: Warning [TOWER] - Docker image disk utilization of 80% Description: Docker utilization of image file Importance: warning And it grows by 1% every 25 minutes. I am not even using Docker? Duppie
  5. Same here :-( and I cannot pinpoint the fault. From Unraid (read) ->>> Synology I get 40MB/sec from Synology >>>> Unraid (write) I get 2MB/sec. The Unraid and Synology box is connected via a 5 x 1G port Netgear switch Duppie
  6. Hi All, Did someone fine a solution to this? This is really frustrating. ;-( My Unraid server is about 96% full with 580GB free space and it takes forever to copy a 300MB file to it. I have also changed the rules of the shares to follow "High-Water" allocation and with no levels. Any help to fix this will be appreciated and how t stop such a process. Version is 5.06 Thanks Duppie
  7. Install that. I installed it but still getting the following error: root@Tower:/boot/tools# ./bitrot.sh -a -p /mnt/user/Movies/Documentaries bitrot, by John Bartlett, version 1.0 Error: The hashdeep package has not been installed. root@Tower:/boot/tools# which hasdeep which: no hasdeep in (.:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/kerberos/sbin) root@Tower:/boot/tools# which md5deep /usr/local/bin/md5deep root@Tower:/boot/tools# Duppie
  8. Getting 2 errors. Anyway to fix this? ./unRAIDFindDuplicates.sh: line 153: [!: command not found and ls: cannot access /mnt/disk*//mnt/user/......... Please see attached. Duppie errors.txt
  9. Thanks for the reply. There is only md5deep-3.6.orig.tar.gz in unMmenu? Should I install this? Regards Duppie
  10. Hi All, I cant get it to work with version 5.05. What are the steps to install and what is additionally needed for 5.05? Thanks Duppie