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  1. Okay. i'll add it to my original post.
  2. Hello, i remodel my TrueNAS System to an UnRAID System. True/FreeNAS runs on the exactly same hardware for about 2 years now. I switch to unraid because of the drive flexibility. But since i installed the system it crash every few hours. It should correspond with spin down of the drives. I could trigger the crash if i press the "spin down" button on the "main" screen. I recently saw that one drive has "command timeout" and "udma crc error count" as a warning. I could replace the cable (its a sata to sas (yes, that way!) cable). The drive itself does not show any smart errors (s
  3. Hey, i just want to start to optimize my new installed unraid server, but i cannot find the powertop command. Is it not installed anymore on 6.8.3? Allready try to find it with "find / -name "powertop"" but, nothing. Do i have to install it manually?
  4. Hi, i guess the lounge is the only place where my question fits the most. At the moment i use freenas and like to switch to unraid because of the easy expansion capabilities. I read a lot thread here in the forum and on reddit but it seems all people use unraid with virutalisation for vitual machines and containers. So i would like to know if theres a number of people who just use unraid as a nas. In my serverrack there is a dedicated system for workloads, so i dont have any need to put them on unraid (and i dont like to). Thats make my question more clear, i