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  1. Feature Request: Add the ability to edit the script for a drive when it is not plugged in.
  2. Thanks for explaining how to run the script manually. It looks like I had a syntax error in the script. Thanks for your help and sorry to waste your time.
  3. Screenshot attached. I edited the script and hit save (didn't change the contents), and the config file then updated to this: [My_Passport_0748_575837314138325031303237] command.1 = "/boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/My_Passport.sh" automount = "yes" command_bg.1 = "true" Most recent plugin attempt resulted in this in the syslog, but nothing else after that: ... Oct 30 21:50:52 Tower unassigned.devices: Running device script: 'My_Passport.sh' with action 'ADD'.
  4. [My_Passport_0748_575837314138325031303237] command.1 = "" automount = "yes" The previous warning doesn't seem to be showing now. I assume it corrected itself. Does that contents look OK? On a side note, I am trying to setup a script to run when the drive is plugged in (using the sample provided in the first post), however it is not getting executed. I can't see anything obvious in the syslog. Oct 30 21:44:43 Tower unassigned.devices: Adding disk '/dev/sdu1'... Oct 30 21:44:43 Tower unassigned.devices: Mount drive command: /sbin/mount -t ntfs -o auto,async,noatime,nodiratime,nodev,nosuid,umask=000 '/dev/sdu1' '/mnt/disks/My_Passport' ... Oct 30 21:44:44 Tower unassigned.devices: Successfully mounted '/dev/sdu1' on '/mnt/disks/My_Passport'. Oct 30 21:44:44 Tower unassigned.devices: Disk with serial 'My_Passport_0748_575837314138325031303237', mountpoint 'My_Passport' is not set as sharable and will not be shared...
  5. I am seeing the the following at the bottom on the 'Unassigned Devices' tab: I have version '2019.10.15'.
  6. I haven't had an "Inactivity timeout" for issue for a few days now. I don't know what the cause was but it appears to have fixed itself. I can only suspect some issue, as binhex suggested - with the VPN provider (PIA) or my Internet provider. Thanks.
  7. I'm curious why the following appears in the supervisord.log log every 30mins?: [warn] rTorrent port is not defined Seems strange because the docker is for deluge not rTorrent (this also appears in the qBittorrent docker also).
  8. Thanks for that. I will play with the VPN_OPTIONS. I was using the 'STRONG' PIA config files which use port 1197 (https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/kb/articles/where-can-i-find-your-ovpn-files). I used the files directly from PIA without modification. I will try different ones to see if it helps.
  9. Understood. What is the timeout value? Can it be configured? and if not, can that be an enhancement?
  10. For me, I can find "Inactivity timeout" entries in my supervisord logs going back as far as June 2018, possibly further, but the logs have rolled. So this is not a 'new' issue. It was infrequent in the past, so I guess it went unnoticed. Currently, it is constant.
  11. Thanks for the ideas. 1. Yes I'm using a wired connection. My router doesn't indicate any connectivity issues with the ISP. 2. Mem usage looks ok, using ~2GB out of 16GB. 3. I do have the "CA Backup / Restore Appdata" plugin installed by it is not running on a schedule. I'll have a look if I can find anything else but not sure if I'll find anything. Some more info: - Yes I am an unRaid user and not a QNAP user. - I also have your other torrent dockers - delgue and qbittorrent. I looked at their logs and they also have the same issue. There are many articles on the internet for "Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting". I am looking into them.
  12. Log file attached. Thanks for your help binhex. supervisord.log
  13. I am having issues with rtorrent constantly restarting. It is only up for a minute or 2 before it restarts. Sample from log: 2019-09-11 14:37:31,346 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [info] ruTorrent plugins initialised 2019-09-11 14:39:23,562 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: Wed Sep 11 14:39:23 2019 [531bf825779768703299168ed8b30109] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting Any ideas what the cause would be? Is it an issue with PIA?
  14. Thanks BRiT for the ideas on possible workarounds. Yes having the top level directory in the share works (and can be used to span more than one disk as itimpi indicated), but I am after a solution that doesn't require that top level directory. Mainly for applications that don't really work with that setup - for example, Sonarr/Radarr. Thanks for the suggestion of a custom mover script. I hadn't thought of that. It sounds do-able as a workaround in light of not having this feature. I will attempt to give it a crack and will post back if I come up with something.
  15. Maybe I am a bit OCD, but for particular Shares, I like to place files on specific disks. The way I manage this currently is either using the disk specific shares (disk1, disk2, etc) or ensuring the top level directory in the share only exists on 1 disk and using a "Split level" of "Manual". What I propose is a new "Allocation Method" (in Share Settings) that provides the ability to define a path pattern for each disk. The procedure for selecting the disk for writing would work like this: - iterate over each defined path pattern - if there is a match, then write the file to that disk (and break/end the loop if successful) - else continue until all definitions are tested The patterns would use standard regex rules. Potential issues: - After iterating over all path pattern definitions, a match is not found. Expectation - this simply results in a failure writing the file. - A path could match multiple definitions. Potential Solution 1 - only the first match is used. If the disk is full, it fails. Potential Solution 2 - if there is a match, but the disk is full, continuing looking for another match. - Not sure how this would work with the "Split level" setting. Perhaps that needs to be disabled when using this Allocation Method. - Perhaps the "Included disk(s):" and "Excluded disk(s):" need to be disabled also. UI Design: For me personally, I am fine with the webpage presenting a list of fields to define the patterns in normal disk order (ie disk1, disk2, ... ). However, if it is possible to provide controls on the page to reorder the definitions (so that disks higher up the list take precedence), I see that as potentially being useful to people also. An simple example: Share name: Movies disk1: "^[aA].*$" - Match all paths under the share that start with 'a' or 'A'. Example: "Movies/Avatar (2009)" disk2: "^[bB].*$" - Match all paths under the share that start with 'b' or 'B'. Example: "Movies/Battleship (2012)" ... disk26: "^[zZ].*$" - Match all paths under the share that start with 'z' or 'Z'. Example: "Movies/Zombieland (2009)" disk27: ".*" - Catch all the rest. Example: "Movies/2012 (2009)" I understand this may not result in drives filling evenly or efficiently. That is not the intention of this allocation method. The other existing allocation methods already serve those purposes. The 'Pattern Match' Allocation Method that I have proposed is more for those OCD people that want more granular control of where files are placed within the Array when using a User Share.