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  1. I have recently kitted my unRAID with normal gamer CPU and motherboard but slightly regretting that I don't have enough PCIe express lanes to do what I want. How did your build go?
  2. How would I check I have got this working correctly? I have entered /transcode within Plex. The last poster mentions upping the ramdisk from 4 to 6GB but how do I do that exactly?
  3. Hidden files on Windows? Yes I have them visible, not sure how to do that on unRAID but I was running binhex krusader so I assumed I could see everything
  4. Did this get solved or does anyone have a solution? I am having the exact same problem described by these two users and so far I have tried those steps.
  5. Still hasn't appeared yet. I appreciate your help, I have given up for today, I'll use the rootshare and in the meanwhile be cautious that I don't have a recycle bin when deleting files as before. Thanks.
  6. Yes you'e right, they weren't appearing because I had put the rootshare lines back in but without the vfs line you mentioned. I have now removed all of the rootshare lines. It now appears in the deleted files log but the recycle bin folder doesn't appear still:
  7. Yeah that folder is not appearing for me, anywhere.
  8. Hi, thanks again for helping. I will remove the vfs objects line, if you don't think it's necessary, I agree! I still have a problem though, I can't see the Recycle Bin by following your steps, I can't see it anywhere. I have looked in these places: Going to shares in the unraid GUI (Files is the share I used to delete the test files) smb on my Windows PC: Binhex-krusader: I have checked the cache drive under the unRAID GUI and can't see the share there. Edit: however, when I go into binhex-krusader, a RecycleBin has appeared there under my main UNRAID path: but when I go in, these folders are all empty:
  9. Would recycle bin plugin not work with rootshare enabled? It would be nice to have rootshare accessible. Anyway I did that and tested again, I can now see the files in the deleted files log but how would the user access the recycle bin? I can't see that a recycle bin has appeared. I will pm you my diagnostics again.
  10. Hello, I am on unRAID 6.9.2, I have installed the plugin, enabled it and have not excluded any shares. I deleted a file but no recycle bin appears on Windows, I am using the smb additional settings rootshare provided by Spaceinvader to access my smb via one rootshare, I have not modified the smb additional settings after installing the plugin as it seems to have modified it by itself. I have tried to test it by deleting a new file I created and also by deleting a file that already existed. I have turned "Log deleted files" to "yes" and still no luck, nothing appears under "Shares" or "Deleted Files". I would be happy to send my diagnostics file to anyone by pm. For some reason the plugin doesn't seem to work for me but I'm sure it would work wonderfully if it did.
  11. I'd really appreciate if a script was made to do exactly this and if you didn't know the name of the subfolder, in OP's example "VIDEO_TS" is not known say, because you will not know what you will download in the future. Edit: I have found a script that works: #!/bin/bash find /mnt/user/hms/Materials/Books/Mainfiles -type f -exec mv --backup=numbered -t /mnt/user/hms/Materials/Books/Mainfiles {} +
  12. Forgive me if I am missing something, but can you not backup and restore your dockers using the plugin: CA Backup / Restore Appdata You can choose it to automatically backup your appdata folder? I am not sure about VM's yet I am yet to run one (only recently set my server up 1-2 days ago) but will run one soon and I agree with your points on being able to backup all the configurations to be able to easy restore them if something happened but I thought this plugin backed up your libvert folder as well, is that not enough to restore from there? Since it backs it up to the array and you have parity on your array, aren't you all good in terms of backing up? I think I might be missing something here though