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  1. nope Squid: Just wondering what does the period do or mean? Thanks Reed Edit I found what it means brain fart!!!
  2. Did I find an typo ? Line 43 helpers.php $iniString .= $testString;
  3. Drivers for hdhomerun are in the docker. Tvheadend- stable did not load for me but Tvheadend-Unstable did. My hdhomerun prime shows up. I can not answer much more because I have never used the program and have to learn how to set it up. The modified unraid files are only needed to use hardware that requires kernel drivers like a tuner card in your unraid pc. Reed.
  4. Brit, All good now Thanks. Will the libvirt plug or some start up line in go file still be needed in future updates? Reed
  5. Please follow the directions in the first post; this means installing the plugin using the correct package: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/dynamix.kvm.manager/master/dynamix.kvm.manager.plg My bad that is what I did but when I copied the link for the post used wrong one. I made sure that I used the right one. Just to make sure I uninstalled rebooted and reinstalled same results Reed Edit: More info: Tried using a directory that did not already exist. The directory is created but same result no pool created. (User root group root permissions 40777)
  6. Wanted a fresh install and made a new flash form: http://dnld.lime-technology.com/beta/unRAIDServer-6.0-beta12-x86_64.zip Checked for updates. Updated Dynamix webGui. Intalled via "install plugin" tab using: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/vmMan/master/vmMan.plg. I can not create a storage pool on the cache or an array drive. Comes back "No storage pools defined. Create from template or add XML description". Reed
  7. Edgar, Gpu pass through does not work with vnc see earlier post. Do not know if pass through works the same for everyone but video shows up on the display even before OS is loaded. I have not tried this on a tv. Justin can tell you if this is true with a tv. I would like to know myself. Targets that worked for me: Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, SteamOs, Ubuntu12.04, Point Linux all 64bit. Sill playing the list grows. Once you have a template from a working config it becomes easy. Reed
  8. Justin, Good luck. Did you use x-vga=on or not? For grins I tried removing it on my machine and pass through stopped working for me. Reed edit: made clearer
  9. Justin, I power down (turn off) my unRaid server <domain type='kvm' id='2' xmlns:qemu='http://libvirt.org/schemas/domain/qemu/1.0'> <name>newjonpwin7</name> <uuid>b1317f09-e1c2-4bfa-9ef4-c907024e034e</uuid> <description>win7 ultimate with pass-thru</description> <memory unit='KiB'>4194304</memory> <currentMemory unit='KiB'>4194304</currentMemory> <memoryBacking> <nosharepages/> <locked/> </memoryBacking> <vcpu placement='static'>4</vcpu> <cputune>
  10. Justin, I use an AsRock board so I am in the habit of doing a power down. Reset should work but YMMV. I use http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=35732.msg334596#msg334596 as my template for pass through on all my vms. Video is passed through right from the boot up. I run a GTX-650 Reed
  11. Justin, The last time I tried to verify that vnc and pass through would not work together the computer needed to be powered down for pass through to work again after returning xml file to the previous state. Reed
  12. Justin, I have not been able to pass through video and run vnc at the same time try removing it from your xml file. Reed Edit: I should be clearer! remove this: </interface> <input type='tablet' bus='usb'/> <input type='mouse' bus='ps2'/> <input type='keyboard' bus='ps2'/> <graphics type='vnc' port='-1' autoport='yes' websocket='-1' listen=''> <listen type='address' address=''/> </graphics> <video> <model type='cirrus' vram='9216' heads='1'/> &
  13. @EdgarWallace Give this a try: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=35732.msg334596#msg334596 Worked on my NVIDIA based Evga GTX650. Pass-through worked right from boot menu. I have run Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 with the above template. Reed
  14. reluctantflux Did you: /usr/local/sbin/vfio-bind 0000:01:00.0 0000:01:00.1 What is in your syslinux.cfg ? Reed
  15. Not sure what that device is? I tried using the line but to no avail maybe different entries are needed for my motherboard? MOBO: ASRock - Z87 Extreme6 CPU: Intel® Core i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz Reed