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  1. Looking good. I'll definitely play around with this once I've got my server up and running. All the kit is sitting in a big pile behind me. Just waiting on a case to be delivered before I build it and start playing around with Unraid. I've been looking for a new tech project. This is going to be fun.
  2. Wow, thanks for the speedy response! I'm mainly looking for the temps and for: 0x05: Reallocated Sectors Count 0xC5: Current Pending Sector Count 0xC6: Uncorrectable Sector Count I currently use CrystalDiskInfo on a headless Win10 machine that I use as a fileserver. CDI checks those SMART metrics and alerts when a drive is starting to go bad. It has been useful to help me gauge when is time to swap a drive out as it nears the end of its useful life. I'm hoping to monitor for drives starting to go bad using prometheus/grafana. It may be that there's a better way to do this in Unraid as it's more storage/NAS oriented.
  3. Great write-up! I've set up Prometheus & Grafana before on a Pi. This was some time ago and, at the time, there wasn't a way to import SMART stats into Prometheus. I'm building an Unraid server soon and had ruled out Prometheus for this reason and was going to use Influxdb instead. Is it still difficult/impossible to get SMART data into Prometheus?