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  1. I now have access to my root user and was able to perform the my_sql upgrade and start MariaDB with no errors. Thank you so much for the quick help!
  2. Hello, I setup this docker container to work with NextCloud. I have been happy with the results until I updated this morning. Reviewing the logs, I see the error "Incorrect definition of table mysql.event: expected column 'definer' at position 3 to have type varchar(, found type char(141)." After doing a little digging, I've determined I likely need to run the "mysql_upgrade" command to resolve this issue. However, I stupidly did not document the random root password generated when I originally installed the container so cannot perform any commands that require root access. Is there any way for me to recover or reset that root password? I've been researching how for hours and can't seem to find the way. Thank you in advance