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  1. There were loose cables for power to the top drive cage. I corrected that and have started a rebuild. Power issues cause strange problems with file system errors that i had not seen before. I did not even touch these recently.
  2. the log was full. It finished but needed to be run a second time to complete. The disk is still showing disabled
  3. New problem when doing a xfsrepair the log get full and it stops Metadata corruption detected at 0x44e910, xfs_bmbt block 0x28d2ea458/0x1000 libxfs_bwrite: write verifier failed on xfs_bmbt bno 0x28d2ea458/0x8 Metadata corruption detected at 0x44e910, xfs_bmbt block 0x28d079b50/0x1000 libxfs_bwrite: write verifier failed on xfs_bmbt bno 0x28d079b50/0x8 Maximum metadata LSN (1095979799:38281785) is ahead of log (1:2). Format log to cycle 1095979802 How do i go forward from here?
  4. New problem with the replacement of drives. The copy was successful but drive 2 which was not involved in the procedure shows wrong or no file system. The system is rebuilding but 500k bytes a second. What do i do next ?
  5. One part of the instructions is missing or i missed it. Do not shutdown after the copy phase and before the rebuild disk part I did that and i forgot or did not remember the copy phase. So i have to do the copy phase again ( 14 hours) on a 10 TB disk. I moved the drives physically in the system after the copy part.
  6. This procedure looks safe as parity is maintained the whole time (the reason for the copy). just time consuming. The array will be offline for the copy process. So a 10 tb replaced 6 tb party then then 6tb party replaces dead drive on second step on basic rebuilt drive operation.
  7. Thank you for your help That was the link i was looking for but could not find. I looked at the smart diag on the drives page and it has many sectors that are pending and unable to then the disk was disable on a unable to read error.
  8. I have a unraid box with 6.9 running with 2 6tb parity drives and 9 6 or 4 tb array drives. One of the 4 tb drives failed and is disabled with many read failures. I bought 10 TB drive to replace one of the parity drives then move it to the dead array drive. What is the safest way of doing this ? Can they be done at the same and is that safer than : Moving the parity drive to replace the array drive and rebuild Then install new party drive . John
  9. I redid all the power and sata wiring making sure that each 5in3 3in2 gets power from 2 different home cables. found one questionable port/cable changed to one on the marvel controllers. disk 3 is happy and is rebuilding disk 2 and party 1, at about 95 meg bytes per sec. That slower than normal but assume it is because one party and one disk needs building and the disk is need to generated before the party can be calculated.
  10. Is this a decent replacement card for the controllers ?
  11. Not in the system as I am copying it to another disk. I tried rebuilding party with out but 3 dropped
  12. It is still running when drive 3 dropped out.
  13. How do i get the system back up with disk 3 as told it is good and disk 2 as well ? So far i have copied most of the data off of it with no trouble.
  14. When drives stopped working the drive light was stuck on, I also tried reseating the drives and removed from the array and restarted and re-added. After doing that disk 2 had real issues in writing. It would go slow then stop then back to med speed. I later tried to just rebuild party 1 and was building fast 140 MBs then disk 3 dropped off. I am copying data off disk 2 now to a Linux machine and so far so good
  15. Thank you for the response Is there a way to make Disk 3 show good again in the system after reboot and wire check ? I think disk 2 has failed. I would like to rebuild it on the missing cache drive
  16. System was up and running fine. One failed (drive 2 ) with a drive light stuck on. With in a minute or so the party num 1 dropped out, I removed the bad drive and reset the party and started rebuilding the array. It got to about 10% and drive 3 dropped out. I think it is still good but now i cant rebuild as i have 3 disks missing. I think drive 3 is good i would like to make it good and start again. The array is in that stat right now and have done nothing to it.
  17. My system crashed with dockers and vm's running. The array is fine but the cache ( 3 disks has file system errors) I started in maintenance mode and tried to do repair but failed now one of the disks in cache has no file system. Thanks for any help john
  18. I have upgraded to 6.6.5 , 6.62 broke the SMB shares then tried 6.6.3 and AD worked. 6.6.4 and 6.6.5 have not changed the SMB sharing issue reaching the server by Name instead of IP Your update fixed the issue using AD. Thank you for the help and quick response.
  19. If i turn AD off i can access the shares via ip. Windows 2003 can access them normally. The shared from your plugin show up as well. If i switch it back to AD the all the computers can access the shares but no shares from the plugin.
  20. I am doing a new permissions on the server now. It would not connect with it set for AD. That took an hour. Now it does not allow access to any of the shares except by ip address. When using name it says can not access check spelling blah blah New diagnostics with AD off below. This is after running new permissions.
  21. I am using unassigned devices plugin. It mounts and formats the drives fine. An USB drive mounts fine also. I can logon to the server from a terminal window and able to access the mount point. I can add directories and view them in unraid GUI. The shares are never created. I have tried deleted the partition and recreated it. Still no luck with the shares. I dont know why they are not showing up. Sharing is turned on for SMB and shared on the unassigned drives app. John
  22. Update 2 I joined the unraid server to the domain. Windows 10 boxes can see \\tower but openelec wants a password i inputed domain user and password and is working Windows XP does work after entering domain user/pass for connected share. Yea team
  23. I also upgraded this morning from 661 I still can not access my shares by using name of server. IP address works fine from a windows 10 1803 box. Windows 2003 works fine. A popcorn hour works fine. As openelec also works. A windows XP also works. A windows 7 system does not connect by name. The common thing about all the ones that do not connect is that they are a member of my windows domain. The XP box is not a member and works fine.