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Application Name: Virt-Manager

Application Site: https://virt-manager.org/

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/fanningert/docker-virtmanager

Github: https://github.com/fanningert/docker-virtmanager

Template-Repository: https://github.com/fanningert/unraid-docker-templates


Answer for connection over SSH:

  1. Install "netcat-openbsd" via Nerd Tools
  2. Select SSH in Virt-Manager, add as user "root", add as server the IP or server name and click Connect.
  3. If you don't use a ssh key file, you need to enter the ssh password in the console.


Answer for connection over TCP (More details in the video):

When you like to connect to the unRaid libvirt-System over TCP, you need change one setting of libVirt.

A good start is the video from @gridrunner: Link to post with video

  1. Install "Nerd Tools"
  2. Go to the Nerd Tools and install "nc".
  3. Change the listen address ("listen_addr") of libVirt daemon from to .
    "nano /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf"
  4. Stop and start the array. With this, the libVirt daemon will be also restarted.



  • Some times noVNC reconnect. I think the problem is that the websocket connection is currently only HTTP. It's looks like Virt-Manager is the problem. This bug is coming sometime by clicking on the menu entry "File", but when the reconnection is finished the menu is visible.
  • The only problem know is that the libVirt daemon is listen know on the network. So, this docker container also support SSH for Virt-Manager. The only problem is that I get currently this error message after login on unRaid over SSH throw Virt-Manager.
    libvirtError: Cannot recv data: Value too large for data type
  • The previous error is coming from Virt-Manager, because the app is not possible to ask for the ssh password. The solution for this is to start Virt-Manager via terminal. Know it is possible to enter the password into the terminal window. But after that I get a error message that the current nc version of the Nerd Tools don't support the "U" parameter. Install "netcat-openbsd" via Nerd Tools.
  • Run noVNC under HTTPS


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  • 3 months later...

@disruptorx I don't know your system. But is libvirt running? This container is only usable with a running libvirt on the unraid server or a other libvirt server.

I tested the docker container on 6.3.5 and 6.4rc* and on all of this releases the libvirtd.conf file is in this directory. 


Here a screenshot from my current unRaid 6.4rc21.


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Installed it. Didn't like it. The fact that you can see how much memory is the VM using and that allows you to change preferences while the guest OS is on is pretty sweet. But then it screws up on the unraid side. On the virt manager Vmdk were supported, but it never started so. 

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On 10/21/2018 at 6:06 PM, jonathanm said:

Which version of unraid? Some versions have issues keeping track of the status of VM's.

I'm using the latest version. I thought it was like the Hyper-V manager or the Vsphere used to monitor in ESXI. But the docker it's funny. I created a new network, host only. Then it wouldn't show up in unraid. Then it showed up, but the machine wouldn't start. It's nice that I can see how much memory is the VM using but that's about it. I tried opening a vmdk like it said it would, then the VM wouldn't start. 

And even though I'm not too good with the command line. I think I rather use the command line to convert VMs and then assigning devices there. 


It's cool, but it's not perfect. At least not for me I guess. 


My unraid version is 6.6.2

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On 1/10/2018 at 6:49 PM, disruptorx said:

Hi @fanningert , I can't seem to find /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf to edit . 5a55ef8b86c26_ScreenShot2018-01-10at9_47_41PM.thumb.png.374776fe60996fe3aa5706de5ea66e21.pngany ideas why ?

I have the same problem of not having the file /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf.


A brief history: I have four VMs, which were working fine under 6.5.3. I tried to install virt-manager on a Linux VM following SpaceInvader One's video, which also requires editing libvirtd.conf. While following the video I was able to edit the file, which was in the expected /etc/libvirt folder. (I also enabled nc-1.10 from NerdPack, as set out in the video.) But after rebooting unRAID, my VM tab was blank. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the VMs to show up, but after a long wait there were still no VMs listed. (I've checked the paths in VMSettings, and I'm sure they're correct - and everything was working previously.)


I thought I had messed up the editing of libvirtd.conf, but when I looked for it, I found that the /etc/libvirt folder was empty. I saw that there was also a /etc/libvirt- folder (note the minus sign) and inside that folder there is a libvirtd.conf file (without any change to the "listen_addr" line). I have no idea why the file is in this other folder and whether this is expected behaviour.

On 1/24/2018 at 4:55 AM, disruptorx said:

@fanningert thanks it's working now

So @disruptorx, how did you get it working?


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Discussion for the new container moved here



according to @fanningert's profile he hasn't visited the forum while logged in since June 3, 2018.  I had issues with this container and it hasn't been updated in quite some time.  Fanningert if you want to take this over from me or want me to delete this just let me know.


Updated container here: https://hub.docker.com/r/djaydev/docker-virt-manager

Updates include:

Remembers previous connections through updates/restarts

Fix disconnect issue with newer base image

Added VNC connection along side WebGUI

Virt-Manager updated from github to lastest 2.0.0 version


Unraid template: https://github.com/djaydev/docker-virt-manager/tree/master/UnRaid/template


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17 minutes ago, dee31797 said:

I had issues with this container and it hasn't been updated in quite some time. 

Fair to say then that the existing container does not work with updated unRaid versions?

18 minutes ago, dee31797 said:

Why not just PM @Squid and create a new repository for CA.  Then we can deprecate fannigert's and replace it with yours.

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12 minutes ago, dockerPolice said:

Fair to say then that the existing container does not work with updated unRaid versions?

The existing container does startup on my server running 6.6.6 and it's accessible.  I just had issues with disconnects, it didn't remember the previously connect KVM servers, and it being out of date.

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35 minutes ago, dee31797 said:

he hasn't visited the forum while logged in since June 3, 2018.


6 minutes ago, dee31797 said:

it being out of date.

Seems to me that your container is the better choice.  Especially considering the first item, and the fact that you were last on 5 minutes ago :)   I try and look for abandoned projects, hence my suggestion to get in touch with Squid

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Hi, thanks for this docker, it works great. However the web VNC isn't the best i find. Is there some way i can VNC into it using an application?


Edit: i tried mapping a docker internal port 5900 to an external port then connecting via vnc on that but the connection is actively refused. I checked for a config folder in appdata and there isn't one so i'm guessing i'd have to edit the vnc server settings in the docker itself which then wouldn't be persistent across updates which i'm not that keen on.  Is there a way to get an appdata config like most other dockers have?

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