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  1. I am also curious about this. How does the docker template get configured to allow it to claim a node in
  2. Anyone ever determine the exact cause of this? I'm seeing this in my log. I've removed both the IPMI Tools and the Dynamix System Temp for now. Still seeing it my logs (although I haven't rebooted yet)
  3. Hi everyone! I just setup the UUD 1.6 and got most things working. This is just great! Thank you! I'm having a problem with the drive selection on top. It's not showing any drives. Any pointers on where i might look to fix this? It's the same for all the drive dropdowns. I'm sure i just forgot some simple step somewhere... Thanks! Nevermind. I was missing this in my telegraf.conf: device_tags = ["ID_SERIAL"] in the diskio section. I also added this for good measure: skip_serial_number = false