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  1. Lenovo ThinkCentre m920q, m920x, m720q have a propietary pcie slot that can accomodate a pcie riser that converts to a standard pcie interface. See attached list from site serverthehome.com - There are most popular for pfsense / opnsense where a dual or quat port Intel nic is used along with the riser card. I seen a few writeups where they have been used for TrueNAS but not YET for Unraid.
  2. How to put an hba into a Lenovo m720q https://www.printables.com/model/701086-lsi-9200-8e-pci-eback-cover-for-lenovo-m720q
  3. After posting the above and a quick after super nap, Google found this article of a person using a Lenovo m720q and a LSI-9200-8E with TrueNAS. Not sure what his external enclosure is but he mentions it is powered by a 250 watt power supply he had laying around in his garage. In my garage I do not have any computer parts laying about but I do have all kinds of old Chevy and Corvette stuff...LOL.. Maybe this link will inspire some of you. https://github.com/NKkrisz/HomeLab/blob/main/markdown%2FLenovo_M720Q_Setup.md Cheers from Nova Scotia....
  4. Doesn't the Lenovo M720q, m920q and m920x have a proprietary pciex8 slot to which you can attach a 90 degree riser that has a regular pciex8 slot at the end of the riser? This allows you to attach a second nic for pfsense/opnsense OR a hba adapter that would allow you to connect one or two sas drives or 4 or 8 sata drives. You would need an external hard drive case with a power supply to power the hard drives. I believe you can not have a SSD or the riser card installed at the same time due to the size limitations of the tiny case.
  5. I installed Remmina Remote Desktop Client on my Zorin linux computer and when I access my Win 11 VM I do not have the issues I do with VNC. I will not search further on how to get a USB drive working for WindowsinDocker as the support for this docker is non-existent for Unraid and on the Unraid website. Ken ala Vetteman
  6. I suspect there are a few users of Unraid who would like to add a firewall solution to their home networks. So very surprised that there has not been a reply.
  7. Never mind. I've given up on enabling my DVD Writer. I will use my Windows 11 vm instead where my DVD Writer works fine. And I will lIve with the issues my VM has and which do not exist in the Docker. Having my DVD Writer available is more important then the other vm issues. I would suggest to LimeTech please do not allow any apps or plugins which do not have a support forum on Unraid's website. The suggestions from the github support appear not to work in the Unraid environment. Cheers from Nova Scotia Ken aka Vetteman
  8. I often get quite annoyed why some questions are NEVER responded to. This is unlike the many forums I use for computer, photography, photoshop, 3D modeling and classic car support.
  9. I did that initially but that takes me to a support Github for WindowsinDocker where the solution is to edit the docker-compose.yml file with a text editor. Which appears not to be a solution in Unraid as they changed the location of the compose file and users must edit with the Unraid webgui. Again, I could not find any WindowsinDocker on Unraid which should be a prerequisite to any apps or plugins Unraid allows listed in their Webgui.
  10. Thanks kindly but what was recommended did not work. When I run the following command on my Unraid terminal ls /dev/serial/by-id I get no such file or directory
  11. I could not find a Docker thread on our Unraid forum.
  12. When I run the following command on my Unraid terminal ls /dev/serial/by-id I get no such file or directory Also ls dev gives me a list of folders by there is NO folder named serial. I too would like to be able to access my dvd writer from WindowsinDocker I also have a vm of Windows 11 and it can access the same dvd writer fine, But on my Unraid server Unraid 6.12.9 Xeon E1240 and 32 gb of memory, WindowsinDocker runs better then my VM and is also a much more enjoyable experience. I have allocated 4 cores to both. And do not run them simultaneously. Only one at a time. I originally posted to this thread and I got a reply to check this thread that I am now posting in.
  13. I added the device separately For config type I choose Device Value as - /dev/bus/usb When I apply I get an failure message stating - /dev/bus/usb is not a path And WindowsinDocker becomes an orphan which I remove and re-install.
  14. Once I remove the entries, WindowsinDocker starts. How do I enter multiple lines for the Value using the Advanced View?
  15. Thanks for the reply. However when I added the value as "-usb -device usb-host,vendorid=0e8d,productid=1806" devices: - /dev/bus/usb It will only allow me to enter it on a single line and not as three lines as you show above as there is no way to enter multiple lines for Value, only one single line, Thus the WidowsinDocker now will not start.
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