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  1. Version 6.8.3 Eleven years of running unRaid and had my first array drive failure. Only replacement I have is 12tb with current parity being 10tb. A parity swap was in order. Precleared the 12tb with no errors. Removed failed 8tb drive Assigned 12tb to parity slot Assigned 10tb old parity drive to be new data drive Started array and let it copy the 10tb parity drive to the new 12tb parity drive After copying finished the server was in a stopped state and the Start button said it will bring array online and rebuild the data drive At this point I shutdown and would deal with it later Upon rebooting my old 10tb parity was back in the parity position. The 12tb was not assigned I reassigned the 12tb to parity slot which then got marked as wrong I reassigned the 10tb old parity back to the data slot and the wrong disk message went away and both icons turned blue Now the Start button says it will begin copying the 10tb to the 12tb like it's starting parity swap again. It's already done that. I don't want to do it again I just want to trust the new 12TB parity drive and rebuild the failed drive to the 10tb At this point I don't want to guess around with things or risk losing my failed drives data. If anyone has any ideas on how to safely proceed please let me know. Thanks
  2. I love the reliability. Would also like to have an improved mobile interface.
  3. My server normally runs headless but I now have a need to access it via the servers GUI. Is there a command to startup the GUI from the server CLI or do I need to reboot (prefer not too)?
  4. Picked up 3 yesterday at BB. They are White drives, WD100EMAZ, 256MB. As stated above, it's accepted that these are "updated" Red drives. Supposedly shuckers were reselling the Reds on Ebay and undercutting WD's Red drive market so they started with the White labels on the new external drives. I've gotten Whites and Reds from the 8TB externals in the past. No noticeable difference.
  5. You were correct, I did misinterpret that. However I'm not sure doing that would even work. When the docker starts nothing appears in the log file. I'd expect to see some progress listed in the log file during startup despite not being able to access it remotely. Unfortunately, for numerous reasons, it's not a simple procedure for me to start the server in GUI mode to find out. I'll have to give up on it for now and maybe revisit it later. Thanks.
  6. I'm having the same issue as joeshmoe1. Installed Olbat's container. It started but there is no WebUI. The log is blank as well. Entering the Console shows the files are indeed there but it seems to have not fully started the server. The appdata/cups folder is also empty. Tried with gfjardim settings and a fresh clean install using your settings. It just doesn't want to startup for some reason.
  7. Changed my email server password recently. New password includes whitespaces. After changing the SMTP settings at Settings/Notifications to use the new password it reports that "authentication failed" when clicking the test button. Changing password back to one without whitespaces makes it work again.
  8. Just checking in with my result if anyone cares. Bought a NESN on Friday for $159. Was a white label drive inside. Thankfully it powers up fine in my unRaid server 3x5 enclosure. Preclearing now at 188MBs.
  9. Just shucked mine an hour ago. I watched the video for reference but followed the PDF more in practice. I used four plastic store gift cards. Didn't do any sliding back and forth of the cards as was suggested. I simply inserted the corner of the card where the internal clip should be located according to the PDF. You can feel it when you're in the right spot. I then pushed the cards corner in straight and with some force until there was a noticeable give which released the clip. Repeated with the other three cards. After doing the first one the rest were done in about 5 secs. Was really easy.. Using a small plastic screw driver I pried the top and bottom back to get the gap started then slide it apart by hand. The cards and the enclosure were not damaged in any way.
  10. I'll get one and report back my findings. How would I tell if it's helium-filled? Don't tell me it's tethered down by the USB cable
  11. I just updated from within unRaid like any normal update. It's set to get the Lastest. Now mines at Version The PMS settings menu for me says 'DVR (Beta)'. Their video online just shows it as DVR. I did run the beta version last fall so figured it might be a leftover config setting causing that. I went ahead and setup HDHR Connect which went smoothly. After setup there was no outward sign of anything to do with Live TV with Plex Web. When using my iPhone it did play Live TV from the Program Guide menu.
  12. Your Plex client app, once signed in, should connect to Plex.tv to find out where your Plex Media Server is located. It then connects to that IP address, which is typically your routers WAN IP. Make sure your router port forwarding is allowing the Plex connections through. On my router I've set forwarding on port 32400 to connect to the IP of my unRaid server which is running the Plex Media Server Docker.
  13. There shouldn't be any reason to mount the docker.img file. Let unRaid handle writing to that file, just set it and forget it. Did you create a mount point on the hard drive to store the files? If not then I'd guess when you mapped the volume to mnt/appdata/minecraftos the system created a directory in RAM instead. When the power went out you would then loose whatever was in RAM.
  14. He's got it set as Host in previous picture. I'd completely remove Plex as well as it's container. Then from a command line run: docker rmi $(docker images -q --filter "dangling=true") Then reinstall the container. Wait a bit for the container to load. You can watch using the log by clicking the piece of paper looking icon to the far right of the plex container.
  15. I've been battling a similar issue for months. My drives are always spun down and I do everything from cache. Even when I watch a movie I copy it to cache first then spin the drive down. (wish that was an unRaid feature!) For some reason my reiserfs formatted drives (5 of them) will randomly spin-up for no reason. Some times all of them spin-up and other times just one or a select few. This happens frequently throughout the day. Even when system is "idle". There's nothing in the log. The stats do show a read took place for each spin-up. Unlike you however, it doesn't happen when going to settings though, just randomly. Oddly enough this only happens with my reiserfs formatted drives. I have 2 XFS drives that NEVER spin-up in this manner. It's extremely annoying and I haven't been able to track it down to a specific docker yet. And yes, I do run Cache Dirs. If you or anyone else finds the solution I'd greatly appreciate it.
  16. Shutdown and restart the Plex docker.
  17. You'd probably want to mount the remote NAS share using Unassigned Devices. Then map a container volume to it in your Plex docker setup. That way Plex can see it.
  18. It looks like your Host paths are not correct. SAB is putting the finished download in "/mnt/cache/downloads/complete/" but Sonarr is looking for it in "/mnt/cache/appdata/Download" Change the Sonarr path to the same you used in SAB so they both share the same mapped volume location. I don't use SAB myself, however, I don't think you'll need that "/mnt" volume mapped for any reason.
  19. Just restarted PMS to update to latest version. Watching the log file as it started I saw this AccessDenied error. Is it safe to ignore? Starting Plex Media Server. Starting dbus-daemon Starting Avahi daemon 6 3000 /config/Library/Application Support unlimited Dec 24 08:53:16 unRAID syslog-ng[123]: syslog-ng starting up; version='3.5.3' Dec 24 08:53:16 unRAID dbus[125]: [system] org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Failed to set fd limit to 65536: Operation not permitted Starting Avahi daemon
  20. Also you might look into a reverse proxy. There are dockers available for unraid which provide that ability. Or you can use any number of web based services.
  21. PCRx


    Yes, pre-clearing large drives does take a long time. Better it fails before you trust your data on it. Drives tend to have a "bathtub curve" of life. They tend to fail more at the beginning and toward the end of their life. Pre-clearing helps get down in to the reliable part of the curve sooner than later. https://www.quora.com/What-causes-the-bathtub-curve-failure-rate-in-hard-drives Typically most ppl just let unRaid format your drives with XFS. You'll see the format button in the GUI when you have an available drive. No need to mess with any other format settings. I wouldn't preclear a SSD. What type of test result were you hoping to get? You can easily generate a SMART report by clicking the drive in unRaids GUI.
  22. I grew tired of this and several other random issues so I nuked my entire install and rebuilt everything from scratch on a new flash drive. Just finished doing a download test and it works as expected now. Configuration was exactly the same so must have been an issue with the old setup I had. Thanks for your efforts.
  23. Wow, that was it. Never would have checked that. It was never a problem on the old version. Thanks, even though I lost 6 hours of my life trying to figure this out. You saved me at least a dozen more!.