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  1. I'm using this tag: "telegraf:1.20.2-alpine" Here is the post where I was able to fix it:
  2. What temp does it overheat at? I was having issues with overheating too and I decided to add these to my rig: NVME Heatsink & 120mm Panteks T30 Fans; since adding them, I rarely get overheating issues (at 41ºC+). As to the mover, it will only transfer at the write speeds of the HDD it's writing to. Read speeds for basically all NVMEs will outperform write speeds for HDD (don't forget your Parity, too, as it will need to write to that drive at the same time). I would say go with what your budget affords. I used to run the 2 500gb 660p's but I found that I would consistently fill up the 500gb forcing a manual mover run so I swapped them with 1tb NVMEs instead.
  3. I was having similar issues (random crashes likely from hardware issue) when I got started with Unraid in August (link to post here: I did a memtest on my ram, swapped ram, swapped GPU, added UPS, added SATA Power breakout cables, but nothing fixed it. 10 days uptime is longest I had without a crash. Eventually, I swapped the CPU and Mobo with my main PC and that seemed to fix it! (Old: Ryzen 3600 & MSI X570 | New: Ryzen 5600 & Asus B550-F). My main PC is now running my 'old' cpu and mobo with no issues on windows. I can't say for sure if it was a CPU or Mobo issue as I swapped both at the same time but I can say I haven't had a random crash since. I would recommend testing hardware one at a time. It might take a while but it'll be worth it. I will say, though, that my issues existed since I started with Unraid; your issue seems more spontaneous than mine; not sure.
  4. I've been having similar permissions issues but with files in specific folders. Not a real solution to your problem but a temp solution could be to use the "rm" command in the terminal of your server?
  5. Could you add a 10gbe network card to your server that has two ports? One going to your router/1gb switch then the other to your PC?
  6. The main factors will be your use case. I use my server for Plex and for my lightroom catalog. The biggest bottleneck isn't my NVME Cache speed (I have 2 Intel 660p 500gb Crucial P3 Plus 1TB (Gen 4) in a RAID 1 cache), instead, the biggest bottleneck is my network card being 1gbit (125 mbyte/s). Even then, my upload speed is a measly 20mbit/s. Realistically, I won't really fully saturate my NVME read/write speads.
  7. Providing a (hopefully) final update: Since swapping the CPU/Mobo, I haven't had issues with unexpected shutdowns. Perhaps two days after the swap, I did wake up to a whole bunch of nginx errors (my log was full of them, like 5 or 8 thousand entries). But no other issues since then thankfully. I'd be at 24+ days uptime if it wasn't for needing to restart to update the OS. Old CPU/Mobo is currently in my main PC and has been running windows no problem (currently 2 days uptime). I appreciate all the help the many of you have provided with getting this issue fixed.
  8. Just an update: server was showing same issues as lasts time again today. Tried to get diags but they got stuck at the same spot. Went nuclear and swapped mobo/cpu with my main PC Old: MSI X570 a-Pro & AMD Ryzen 5 3600 New: Asus B550-F & AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Put back 4x8gb of ram. We'll see (posting this as more of a status update for future me)
  9. It's been a while but, folks, it's happened again. Although this time! I logged in during the crash and was able to get some good insights. I logged in around 7.45am and noticed my CPU was almost pegged at 100%, I checked my dockers but nothing seemed to be using it, I checked HTOP but in there, HTOP was the highest CPU usage at 30% (I think, I'm not 100% sure how to read HTOP) One odd thing I noticed was that my ram utilization was reporting 0gb. Here are a few screenshots. I checked the syslog and this is what I see: At this point, I rush to download the Diags in hopes of capturing it before it goes kaput. However, it seemed to hang at the sed -ri 's/^(share(Comment|ReadList|WriteList)="[^"]+/\1.../' '/520unraid-diagnostics-20221015-0927/shares/5--------d.cfg' 2>/dev/null With the --- being the name of the share (same name as server, 520unraid I figured the server probably crashed so I closed the tab and tried accessing the gui again but it never loaded. Same issue as always. After a quick shower, I go downstairs to hard reset the computer as normal but I checked my UPS and I see a slightly-lower-than-normal draw but no where close to an off-server (normal: 170w, current: 150w, off: 0w). I check the gui on my phone and I can log in! I check on my laptop...but no login (both wifi). I tried both of my phones and they worked (Pixel 6a Chrome and iPhone X Brave). I go to my phone and try to download the diags but it's stuck on the same command for the past 25 minutes or so (I don't think it's going to download). To prevent an unclean shutdown, I tried to "Stop" the array from my phone. Unsuccessful My next attempt was to try to login from my partner's laptop (have never logged in from there before) and it worked! Using chrome (I checked my laptop again but I couldn't access the webgui login page) I tried to "Stop" the array from my partner's laptop but nothing happened. I plugged a monitor into my server and the monitor recognized the output but the screen was blank/black (I believe I last logged in with no gui, just CLI) I tried a shutdown from my partner's laptop but no luck. So I go nuclear, I push the power button my server and wha'do'u'know, the monitor comes to life. I see the syslog but a more current version (with the logs from when I tried stopping my dockers). I checked my partner's laptop again at the syslog but it didn't have those commands. I wonder if they're accessing an old "snapshot" of the gui? On the monitor, I see the command from the power button ("90 seconds for graceful shutdown"...90 seconds later... "Forcing shutdown") 5 minutes in and it's still on forcing shutdown. 15 minutes later, I come back and I hear the fans still on but the monitor doesn't see any output (not the same the previous' blank output). I try my laptop, no webgui access. I try my partner's laptop and: I can still access the webgui. I notice the uptime is still counting up so maybe not a snapshot? I try to click shutdown once more and to my surprise, I hear the fans stop and my server has shutdown (graceful or not, I'm unsure). Before I start it up again, I'm going to try going from 4 sticks to 2 and I'm going to put them in the "B" slots instead of the "A" ones.
  10. I too am looking at an Intel Arc GPU, either the a380 or the a770. But now that I see this: I didn't even know about Arc Pros (there's an A40 and A50). Those might be worth a look too
  11. I swapped my two 8gb DIMMs (16gb total) with my main PC for 4 8gb DIMMS (32gb total). I know 4 DIMMs is more variables than 2 but I figured two kits being faulty is unlikely. I went almost 7 days strong until a crash today while watching a Plex movie. Attached diags and syslog (syslog from past few days). I just swapped the gpu from my PC too to test that; it's an RX 580 8gb. We'll see... 520unraid-diagnostics-20221005-1932.zipsyslog- (4).log
  12. Just got started with unraid-api and connected to my server. All seems to be working but it's reporting "true" for the mover when my mover is not running (it's scheduled to run everyday at midnight but it's already 1pm and the mover finished many hours ago)
  13. Hello, I am running into an issue trying to install Telegraf; getting a docker run error of "docker: invalid reference format". I have the config file in the correct location and trying to run 1.20.2 with the following extra parameters (for UUD): /bin/sh -c 'apt update && apt install -y smartmontools && apt install -y lm-sensors && apt install -y nvme-cli && telegraf' --user 0 Any thoughts? Running unraid 6.11 Edit 09/26/2022: I got it working with help from r/Unraid - I was putting these in the "extra arguments" field when I needed to put them in the "post arguments" field. But now I am back to my original problem of:
  14. Been thinking of switching to Intel for Quick Sync recently, maybe now's the time to make the jump haha
  15. I can do that. If it ends up being hardware, are there specific points that are more likely (CPU, mobo, ram, etc)? Most everything was bought new except for ram and gpu Either way, I'll report back in a few days.