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  1. seems like an identical problem.
  2. Well, if you're "very excited about what the future holds for Lime Technology", then please share that with us...
  3. For what its worth, I accomplished the same thing by employing OPNSense routers running WirdGuard VPN software on both sites. Using rclone cron jobs I can copy/sync/move folders between my unRAID servers. Probably better this way, no additional setup in the router other than WireGuard. Works great.
  4. This is just bad form by the developer, a complete and unnecessary distraction.
  5. +1 I do something similar with pfsense/OpenVPN and rclone. Remote unRAID systems can sync folders to each other. I suggested WireGuard VPN be supported natively by the unRAID OS. That would make something like this trivial.
  6. I have only tried what I described so far. Since it seems WireGuard will be in the Linux kernel soon I just thought it would be a natural fit for unRAID. I just see remotely separated unRAID systems bi-directionaly syncing data via WireGuard vpn with no need for a particularly powerful router as just port forwarding would be required. I do something similar with pfSense/OpenVPN and rclone. A private personal cloud by invitation only.
  7. I think supporting wireguard would be very useful for a lot of users. It could make unRAID a preferred home based cloud storage device. At least for me, anyway ;>) I built wireguard using the latest Slackware live iso and the info at but couldn't figure how to insert it into the unRAID kernel. Probably would be trivial for you guys but not clear to me.
  8. FYI, This only happens in Dark(Black) Mode. The other modes, Azure, Grey, and White work as expeted.
  9. The problem is not Firefox dependant, does the same with Chrome or Edge. Still want the web console output?
  10. When I have Preclear plugin 2018.09.17 installed on 6.6.0-rc4 the User Shares - Add Share - Share Settings Included disks and Excluded disks values are obscured. See There is a short thread in bug reports with diagnostics. Bug Reports Prereleases 6.6.0-rc4 Share Settings not discernable
  11. I remove preclear disks plugin 2018.09.17 and reboot, Share Settings works as expected. install preclear 2018.09.17 Share Setting fails as before. I'll move to the Preclear support thread. Thanks.
  12. Indeed, they appear as expected when in safe-mode. So, when you said "probably" you were already like 99.9 percent sure that was it... lol... How should I proceed, uninstall plugins one at a time or do you have a usual suspect?
  13. In Share Settings In Dark mode the included and excluded disks cant be seen. Highlighting with a mouse reveals the text. I think this is new in the latest rc series.
  14. Minor nit, inconsistent build status indicated.