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  1. Hey, after some trial and error I have managed to get Girmoire installed and for most parts it works, but none of the icons or images are loading for bookmarks. does anyone know why this might be happening? I have attached some screenshots to show me issue Thanks
  2. Thank you, it's working and it a time saver for sure
  3. Hey all, I have been struggling to find a solution to this issue. it happens all the time and I have to manually remove then, which is a pain and time consuming. I have user scripts installed, but running the dangling images script does nothing below is the output from the script. Does anyone know what's wrong or am doing something wrong? Script location: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/delete_dangling_images/script Note that closing this window will abort the execution of this script "docker rmi" requires at least 1 argument. See 'docker rmi --help'. Usage: docker rmi [OPTIONS] IMAGE [IMAGE...] Remove one or more images Finished if an error shows above, no dangling images were found to delete I have attached a screen of the dangling images and diagnostics. Thanks
  4. I still can't speed test all my nvme drives, but on tag 2.9.6 I can. I can run speed on the unraid mount, but any other pools
  5. This works really well for my needs
  6. I'm also getting this issue on 6.12.3, but I don't have any custom networks
  7. Thanks @JorgeB and @itimpiI feel like an idiot, not once did I think to check Docker containers.
  8. It's all local. if I look at Sonarr for instance, the path variable it `/mnt/disk1/media/tv/` haha I think I see my error. I need to change Sonarr from `/mnt/disk1/media/tv/` to `/mnt/user/media/tv/`? If so, how will that affect the data on disk1?
  9. How can I be sure? From this screenshot I would say it's a user share. It's the media share in question
  10. PHPlog.txt is this what you after? I saved it as .txt
  11. @itimpi new diagnostics. Hopefully it has the info you need.
  12. Thanks for info and advice. global share setting look ok to me I have made the two changes and will send the new diagnostics in a few mins.
  13. I have just set the minimum free space to 20% to see if that changes anything
  14. Thanks for the info. I have attached the diagnostics.