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  1. Hey all, This is a little strange. I've been running Windows 10 VM and an Ubuntu VM on the same machine now for about a year, with little to no problems. Recently, the Windows 10 VM is shutting down due to a lack of RAM, and it won't let me restart the VM without restarting the entire server. It almost seems like there is a memory leak. I'm running unraid 6.7.0 (I haven't updated further just because I don't want the performance hit with the new intel code) I have 16GB of ram on the i7 processor server. I can always add more ram, it's just strange to me
  2. Seems like the image clip needs to back up a bit before sending the image. I didn't want to choke my cellular by sending so many false positives.. Also, has anyone found a way to eliminate light effect? The biggest movement I get is when a car drives by and it's headlights light up my front door area (the light is the only movement). Causes false triggers all night long. Mike
  3. Is anyone else having any success with getting the motion detection to work reliably? I get lots of notifications of motion, but there is rarely anything in the images that are sent to me. Also, when I deliberately stand in front of the camera and move around, I almost never get anything. thanks Mike
  4. I'm having the same issue. The camera seems to work, and I've got it set to record when motion is detected. I get email notifications regarding motion, but nothing is saved to disk or included in the email. When I look at the config file it appears to have many locations to store various things (like logs), that should be stored in APPDATA but they aren't. Is this container completely functioning? Mike
  5. Not sure if this has been reported.. Seems as though the plugin isn't able to log in to PLEX to check for updates. I'm getting the error: Unable to login to PlexPass with above credentials. I have checked and re-checked the credentials and they are correct, so it's either something with the plugin or something with the PLEX servers. I'm still a plugin guy. At least until Phaze says he's done supporting them. Mike
  6. I have the same questions/concerns. Can someone provide a link or answer the question?
  7. I'm getting the same error message on my terminal after updating.
  8. Disabling AFP makes the error message go away. I just wanted to confirm that. Mike
  9. I also am getting this error message after upgrading to 6.3. I've asked some friends for whom I've built servers for if they are having the problem as well. I do run Appleshare for Time Machine, I'll try turning that off as I'm not really using it at the moment anyhow. Mike
  10. The version I'm running says the IPV6 issue was already corrected: 21.09.2016: Fix problem introduced with latest gsm update and unraid refusal to support ipv6 18.09.2016: Corrected long standing error with network configuration. 13.08.2016: Rebase to ubuntu xenial. 10.09.2015: Inital release I'm using the new Community Applications plugin to manage the App, so I'd prefer not to go away from that. Mike p.s. thanks for all the help from everyone. I'll get there.
  11. Ok, Just so you know, I've been working with port mappings and the such for nearly 15 years. I understand the concept, and know how they work and why they are necessary. What you are saying isn't making sense to me, but like you said, just do what CHBMB says. Well, reconfiguring plexpy's port mapping from 8181 to say 8381 doesn't change the port that Plexpy is actually using inside the container, which then requires further modifications, which I wasn't ready to committ to, so I just uninstalled it completely, and uninstalled and removed all the folders for TEAMSPEAK, and rebooted
  12. Let me get this straight. I had Plexpy installed and working, it defaults to using port 8181. I installed Teamspeak3 using the same Docker image. What your seeing is just what ports the docker had assigned. When I first installed Teamspeak3, it didn't show any ports being assigned, so I attempted to assign them. I don't see any documentation that shows Teamspeak3 using port 8181 by default anywhere, but I may have missed something. Is that a regular port for Teamspeak3? I will either remove Plexpy or create a new docker if that's the case. Do I need to just start a clean docker
  13. Also, i am still confused on where to find the "Use the command line log to get the privilege" Mike
  14. Does Teamspeak use 8181? I think it's just showing what's already in use. After some tinkering, I now have the config page for the container looking like this (I preferred the old container config page look and feel better btw) Also, here are some logs 2016-09-25 19:22:04.239009|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |TeamSpeak 3 Server (2016-08-29 12:39:04) 2016-09-25 19:22:04.239273|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |SystemInformation: Linux 4.4.19-unRAID #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 26 09:47:56 PDT 2016 x86_64 Binary: 64bit 2016-09-25 19:22:04.239333|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |Using hardwa
  15. OK, I'm new to Teamspeak, but not new to Dockers or UNRAID. Just trying to set up a Teamspeak server for my son. Anyhow.. I've attached my config screen. Under deployed ports, it shows PLEXPY which is another container I have installed and working fine. But the TEAMSPEAK shows up in RED. I'm assuming that's a bad thing. Do I need to define the ports? and if so which are the common ports to use for TEAMSPEAK? Thanks Mike