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  1. Here's the box that pops up when trying to access my unraid. I am on a home network and have no passwords. Thoughts?
  2. I've done a search and nothing comes up on these forums. Unraid 5.0 and Windows 8.1 issue. I've searched the web and get many possibilities for this but nothing that works. Windows 8.1 both hardwired ethernet and wireless. Most times when I want to copy files over to my unraid server I can't either find it under Network in my Explorer, or, when it does - it finds my disks and shares but when I click on any of them I get 'can't access...' Sometimes a reboot works and sometimes just walking away works, sometimes going into a browser and spinning up the drives works, ... Windows
  3. I'm one of the ones that sees a copying speed increase to the unraid with my 16GB ram limited to 2GB. I wasted money. I'm not running the things that you are, but I don't think the greater than 2GB of ram issue is resolved.
  4. Add a parity drive? 12 hours, about, is my answer. Don't use / delete your original drives with your data until you have all info copied and parity valid. If you don't have enough drives to make that happen, buy enough drive space to accomodate. It wouldn't be good to overwrite your data drives in the new unraid and find out data was corrupt. Years of info lost.
  5. I feel your pain. It's not that hard, though. I built my first about 3 years ago. Just built a newer updated version and thought it would be a walk in the park and, of course it wasn't. Happens... What part of town are you in? Oh, and tell me your parts you have bought.
  6. No luck with increasing speeds over 20 - 21MB/s with adding mem=4095M to syslinux file But I can live with 20 / 21MB/s. Solved.
  7. I have four 8GB sticks. Will pull two and first try 8GB. I've read where that has helped some. To limit ram, edit syslinux.cfg in root flash drive to: default menu.c32 menu title Lime Technology LLC prompt 0 timeout 50 label unRAID OS menu default kernel bzimage append mem=4095M initrd=bzroot label Memtest86+ kernel memtest ________________________________ I'm placing this so others can quickly find it. I'll mark as solved, for now. If this doesn't do the trick I will come back to it...
  8. I'm getting to the point where I'm so over this. My three year old unraid rig runs rings around this better spec'd build. What is causing the crap speeds?
  9. I've read the same thing, 'don't buy several drives at once.'. Yet people and companies by in bulk all the time. And, if a drive is good wouldn't that mean the drives in that batch should also have a higher possibility of being good? So order between two vendors and get as many as you need, I say. RMAing a drive isn't that much of a hassle.
  10. I now have my unRaid 5.0 build up and running and stable. I have a replacement blade for my Norco 4224 on it's way to fix what I hope is my last hardware issue with my new build. I still have slower write speeds to my array than an old build from three years ago. I'm getting 10-15 MB/s when I used to enjoy 35 MB/s. I've been using Teracopy but might go back to plain ole' Windows Explorer. I've read the 26 page SuperMicro motherboard X9SCM-F-O slow write speed thread from about a year ago that has since been marked solved. I'm thinking the >4 GB memory issue is been fixed with
  11. I've figured out it's the drive bay that's at fault. Norco 4224. Top far left bay. I've read somewhere someone else having a problem with the far right slot of one of his blades. Bay doesn't have the blue light lit. I had a disk being precleared in another slot when this disk red-balled. Once the new disk was done preclearing yesterday late night I put it in the array and had the array rebuilt overnight. All is working well, now. I moved the red-balled disk into a fresh slot and am now preclearing it again. I'm figuring the error was from the connection and not the drive.
  12. I now think my reduced speed might be from a Norco 4224 back plane slot failure. Now, two drives have gone bad in that slot. I'll see if no longer using that slot will get my speed up to where it was.
  13. Had one drive not even being able to be pre-cleared in top right slot of my Norco 4224. Precleared a new disk in another slot, moved it to the upper right slot and no blue light on the drive cage but it is seen in my GUI. Don't want to test fate so I moved the drive to another bay and the blue light is intense and being recognized as a good drive. Does this mean the blade of the Norco is bad? It is the fourth WD Red 3TB drive on that blade. Power supply is 650Watts. Only have five drives currently in the Norco. I think I will just bypass that bay and never use it. If I do c
  14. I have tried a different slot and a different drive bay with no blue light being lit. Dead. " ... but I also would NOT use the array during that time -- no reason to tempt fate while you're running "at risk"." I was under the assumption that a preclear is a separate function and has nothing to do with the array while being performed? No? So I should just stop the array? I must say it looks as if this preclear is going faster than it did with the drive that has gone bad. I think the 3TB took 31 or 34 hours total. I'm at the last step (post-read) and at 13% with 17:24:36 havi
  15. New unraid build that I've just got up and running about a week ago. My latest drive added to the array WD Red 3TB was precleared with one cycle without any errors. I added it to the array and put about 500GB of data on it. I thought I better be ready for a failing drive, so I bought a new WD Red 3TB and popped it into an empty drive bay intending to preclear it. While installing into my Norco 4220, I noticed my last drive to be added did not have a blue light lit on the tray. I went to my pc and found the drive is red balled. Should I stay the course and continue preclearing
  16. Thought it could be wireless vs gig wired. Made sure and that didn't make a difference.
  17. Box built two weeks ago. Nothing different except all new unRAID with much better specs (yes, V5.0). Went from good specs of 3 years ago to good specs presently. Can't remember off the top of my head but all the current solid build stuff used: SuperMicro mother board, Intel server CPU, 8GB ram, all new WD red drives. I use the same computer to transfer files from an external USB 3.0 drive. Even now, I am copying a large file OFF my unRAID to my USB drive and it's at 21MB/s DOWNload. Should be 35MB/s easy, but it's not.
  18. Interesting you post. I just built a new unRAID box. Usually transfer at about 35/sec (forget the actual unit). Now it's half that 15 - 17/sec as of about two days ago. Nothing has changed. I am filling drives, but just transferred to a new precleared drive and it's not bumping back up. Have rebooted NAS and reset router. All gig network. Don't know why, either...
  19. I'd assume you should preclear the drive before you even stop the current array.?. Also, why do you want a NONCORRECT / check the parity? I just got my new array set up. Ran parity and ran a correct and there were 0 errors. I ran it to correct anything, if necessary.
  20. Western Digital Red drive 3TB. It's on it's way back to New Egg. unRAID is going through parity. 5 hours to go. Almost there!
  21. You're welcome. But to think I helped you out after all the mistakes I have made in the past is really something. Good to know!
  22. Defective drive. I get nothing on a Windows machine. Nothing in device manager, nothing from different type of connections to the drive... Nothing. No spin-up... Error messages. This is the drive I just got from New Egg after someone on this forum posted the deal for $113. They quickly sold out, someone mentioned. Hmmmm...
  23. Just when I think I'm getting a handle on it... I started a preclear in screen. Started off just as it should. Came home and resumed the screen and it was at 0%. Nothing moved for four hours. I tried to stop the process but no keystrokes would register. Now, when that drive in inside any bay, the array won't boot and mount. I remove the drive and all works well. I shut down the array and install, no boot to mounted disks. Any thoughts on how to proceed? I'm thinking of taking the drive to work and mounting it in windows and reformatting it. Hopefully this will get me o
  24. Thanks. The serial number / disk# association is what I'm just getting around to figuring out, as well. Thanks again.