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  1. I ended up rebuilding on a new drive and preclearing the existing one. I got antsy. Any recommendations on a replacement controller? Thanks for all your help
  2. I remounted the drive and it has shown up again. I have included the SMART report. Should I be starting the array with the drive in it original position? It says starting the array will start a parity check and or data rebuild jesse-smart-20210221-1129.zip
  3. At this point I think I should probably replace the drive and rebuild. Am I correct?
  4. Server booted with missing disk. Says not installed. Why is SASLP not recommended? See updated diagnostics jesse-diagnostics-20210221-1019.zip
  5. Woke up to a warning that I have a disk with read errors and an alert with one disk in error state. I do have a drive ready to go if need be. Should I be replacing this ASAP? attached is diagnostic file jesse-diagnostics-20210221-0817.zip
  6. Looking for some assistance with this error. attached are my diagnostics. Thanks, jesse-diagnostics-20210119-0708.zip
  7. My Nextcloud has not worked for over a year. What is my best shot for getting it back up and running again? I have existing files in my nextcloud docker still. Should I delete the nextcloud and mariadb dockers? is there anything else I would need to do? Thanks so much for you input
  8. Be aware the lists can contain probably mutliple TBs of data.
  9. Hello, I have an issue where I added a Disney list that contained about 100000 movies and now I want to purge my radarr and start from scratch. What is the best way to do this?
  10. I like the community built around unraid. I bought my first server from rajahal 10? years ago without really knowing anything about computers. Multiple arrays would be nice. Thanks guys!
  11. Hey guys, My nextcloud stopped working a while back and I am just starting to look at it again. I cannot load the nextcloud webui at all. Where should I start?? Browser gives me error : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Found my letsencrypt docker was orphaned and not running. Found the guide. Let me confirm everything is ok first. oops Thanks
  12. Thanks John, I cleared the event log through IPMI. Most alarms due to low fan threshold speeds. I guess I need to look further into that. Anyways, I am now able to boot. Thanks for the help
  13. Hey guys, need some help. My server get stuck at this point and reboots. Second picture shows no TPM or TPM has problem.
  14. Thanks again squid. That worked any idea on what all the activity in the log means? regarding the port activity?