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  1. Hi, is this plugin still working with the current unraid? I have dry run checked and greyed out, so am unable to turn it off and use it correctly. Also getting that the site is insecure as certificate is invalid.
  2. Hi guys, after advise on if this will even work. My unraid setup is running on an old c2d rig, has served me well for several years, but starting to create some hevc content, and plex streaming it to my htpc isn't coping, cpu is maxing out. My htpc is an asus h87m-proand an i5-4570s. I'm thinking of migrating my htpc board into the server and setting up a virtual machine to run the htpc windows/kodi/plex. Now my main concern is the board only has 2 16x pci-e slots, i'm going to need both of them to put the sata cards into. My current unraid rig actually
  3. Is it possible to install google music addon? and if so can someone point me to directions on doing so please
  4. Not the users themselves, all i want is the root. But the files, will the deleted files recreate themselves at boot? or do i need to replace them with new ones?
  5. Thanks, will they recreate themselves, or should i replace with new ones?
  6. Hi, I've got a customer who I setup with unraid, about 6 months ago i was messing around with user accounts trying to get a laptop to see a share or something, can't recall exactly why, it didn't work out in the long run anyway was another issue, and I'm sure i deleted the extra user accounts i created, but don't remember. Anyway, have just discovered that we can't login to the web console. it's asking for authentication. And well I have no idea. I tried root, but yea. Is there away i can fix this via the flash?
  7. wow, completely missed that there was even a 6.3 and it's upto stable already. nice work. I looked through the change log, is there actually any new features? since 6.2.4 just looks like updates and fixes
  8. Hi, I built an array the other week for someone, but it doesn't automatically start the array upon boot, have to go into the console and click start manually Not sure why, log attached
  9. You're my hero, did as you said and the data looks good so far. Going to start up the rebuild. fingers crossed
  10. Hi, i'm in a bit of trouble. I replaced a fan in a norco 5in3 cage yesterday, blew all the dust out and tied up sata cables yesterday. This morning i noticed disk 4 was disabled.. ok probably just a loose cable i'm thinking. did the stop remove readd thing, checked smart and did a short smart, all fine. so started a rebuild. 10mins later it was disabled again, grrr, dicky cable i'm thinking now. so moved the drive to a spare slot. Restarted it, half an hour in still running all good i'm thinking. Just checked it again, a good hour later, and parity 1 (have 2 parities) and disk 2
  11. So after the first one finished the 2nd one still didn't budge. so ended up just stopping it and restarting... after that finished. put a couple more drives in, and the same thing started up the first, then started up the 2nd, and the first ones timer and percentage stopped increasing.
  12. the machine that's running the clears is 4gb ram and AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core 5400+ @ 2800 i've had it running 2 simultaneously no problem using bj somethings script the one with the fast postread. But yea trying with this new built in one of gfjardim as i said before is how it's behaving.. I'm curious as to if the 2nd one starts back up after the 1st one finishes or if it's in fact still running but just not updating. I'll see in the morning, and post back what happened. I'm actually using the script atm to clear and test a heap of old drives for work. So I'll put a couple differ
  13. Is your script able to run 2 clears at the same time. I started 2 drives. But the first drive i started didn't seem to be progressing. so i stopped it, and restarted. Then it was running, and the 2nd drive stopped progressing? Still waiting for the first one to finish completely to see what happens.
  14. Is there a way to have this download through a different nic. specifically a usb wifi adapter. rather than the main nic uraid is using?