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  1. Yes, but does it need to? Why can’t local access remain unredirected?
  2. It would be nice to walk back this plugin a little bit. I originally installed it because of the automated USB key backup. It seems like that feature should be isolated from the SSL/redirect feature. You should be able to use one without the other.
  3. Yes, but local access redirects to the unraid.net SSL URL. It should use SSL for remote connections, but it shouldn't redirect local connections.
  4. It shouldn't redirect at all (unless you specify it should). That's my point.
  5. I'd rather go to my `tower.local` address and have it remain there rather than redirecting to `*.unraid.net`. There doesn't seem to be any option I can find to turn this redirect off. Is the only way to use the IP address?
  6. Is there any way to prevent the redirect from the local IP or local name to the unraid.net name?
  7. Woke up today with the webgui not properly loading. I pulled the flash drive and tried to mount it on my macbook to no avail. When I try to boot it again on my unraid machine, it doesn't seem to think it's bootable anymore. It seems like the flash drive itself might have become corrupted (though I have no idea how, it's a Sandisk Ultra). Does anyone know of anything I can try to make this work again? Short of that, how do I get to my array again?
  8. Do I have to go set this for each disk? I set it to bfq in the disk settings, but it didn’t seem to work. I’m specifically looking at my array disks and trying to make it so that read throughout doesn’t tank when the array is being written to (by the mover).
  9. I tried changing the scheduler in the disk settings page to `bfq`, but even after a reboot, when SSHing in to confirm the scheduler has not changed, I get:
  10. Has anyone tried the 6.7.3 release candidates? It looks like a new kernel and md/unraid version in rc3.
  11. I'm having issues with loading up transmission after the latest update (today): /usr/local/Transmission/usr/bin/transmission-daemon: error while loading shared libraries: libevent-2.0.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  12. Plugin pages for Phaze plugins (such as plex, sickbeard, transmission, etc) aren't showing after installing beta12. Is this a known issue?
  13. Yup....no support or response whatsoever. What am I supposed to do?
  14. You emailed me on 12:00 on a Sunday and I took an hour and a half to reply - I don't think this is "to no avail". Get it into the failing state on Monday and then send an email and we can debug it. My apologies if that is the case, but it seems I never got your email (even checked the spam folders). Today's email was not the first time I used the online form. Prior to that I sent an email in September 2013 and one in November of 2013 to support@lime-technology.com, neither of which got a reply. I also have not received an email today. The only responses I've gotten have been through this forum posting alone. This has continued to be a problem for me across many of the recent unraid releases, and I lack the familiarity with unraid and shfs to be able to debug it alone. It has been extremely frustrating for me because of the nearly daily need to take down and bring up my array. Hi Tom, Once again I seem to have completely lost contact with you over email. I sent you logs on 1/18 and haven't even heard so much as a confirmation that you received them, despite regularly checking in. Is there some other route I need to take to get support?