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  1. got a link to the support page? damned if I can find it
  2. windows 10 on the other end no issues pre upgrade
  3. no hard evidence to support it but updated from 6.11.2 to 6.11.3 yesterday and all went well. Doing some large file transfers today and the SMB transfer speed seems to be on a go slow, anyone else noticed anything?
  4. having read the wrong csrf token errors above in the log, i decided to remove my plugins and see if that helped. all disks then rebuilt as per normal operation. Everything's now back up. I've updated to 6.9.2 and reinstalled my plugins. so far all seems good. thanks for the help chaps
  5. thanks for the help so far chaps. I've rigged up a second PSU to power 6 of the disks. However its not made any difference. rebuild still fails at the high 40gigs of progress.
  6. i guess its possible, they wouldn't usually be all up and hammered as hard as when doing a rebuild i could reduce the disks as the new one is a larger capacity anyway, the issue is I'd need to fix the rebuild issue beforehand hmm
  7. version of unraid is simply i haven't got around to upgrading for a while you are right i have a lot of rather full disks, is that likely to be a contributing issue? what makes you ask ref power? the number of disks?
  8. here you go
  9. One of my drives started having the odd read error last week. As its one of my older 4tb drives I shrugged and ordered a replacement drive. Shortly after Unraid disabled the drive. No problem, iIhave dual parity and a replacement is on its way. before the arrival of my new drive another drive became disabled. My replacement drive is now here and I'm trying to rebuild the first of the disabled drive onto this new 8tb disk. However the rebuild gets to somewhere in the high 40gigs of rebuild and consistently hangs. Plex and LMS non responsive, Unraid web interface unresponsive and neither will the server respond to a simple ping. A hard power off and restart brings the box back into the same state, array comes up and the rebuild begins again. hits 40 something gig into the rebuild and repeat. Unraid Version is 6.8.2 , i was planning to upgrade this week but issues got in the way Not sure if related but the week previously I had an issue with the logs hitting 100% utilisation and the CPU display on the summary page not working. Since the server hadn't been rebooted in over a year, I rebooted and both issues disappeared. thoughts appreciated as I'm running on borrowed time with no protection at the moment
  10. bad terminology on my part, by webui I was talking about the docker setup. I have this issue with most things I'm trying to grab at the moment, pretty much only stuff like Eastenders gets found by name So take Hidden as an example. Typing Hidden into the Show box, gains no results according to the log. Trying this by name in the windows get-iplayer works fine Picking an episode pid such as b0b6tgcv for Episode 3 also works fine in the windows version but I can;t see how to specify by PID on the unraid docker
  11. most of the shows I search for show as not found in the logs, despite existing in Iplayer and working via the windows version. PID is supported by get-iplayer so I thought Id try that. Is it not supported in teh Webui?
  12. I'm having issues specifying shows by pid, can you explain how I do this?