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  1. This Bitwarden site is useful
  2. I'm no expert by any means, but I use Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator and Authy to be familiar with how they work. I have noticed in Google authenticator web browser add-on you can export/import or backup your files. I export the file in order to read the Keys. And to keep in a safe place
  3. Went fine for me too. thanks all for great system.
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get 5.1 audio? I have tried every conceivable audio setting in the Handbrake docker UI with no luck. Every video which has an audio 5.1 track, after processing it drops the audio to only two audio tracks. When I process the same source video on Handbrake Win10 standalone program it converts it perfectly to .MP4 with 5.1 audio? What do you guys think?
  5. I'm reluctant to go forward without someone's suggestions. I came across a post saying use the "-L' command in the gui to destroy the log and try to repair. I hope somebody has suggestions that has dealt with this kind of issue. I know the data is there on the new disk (the rebuild had the appropriate writes to the disk)
  6. Same results "Unmountable: No file system" after XFS repair I hope somebody can
  7. Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... bad primary superblock - bad magic number !!! attempting to find secondary superblock... Here's the results, I'll try a reboot/mount..
  8. The original disk I cleared to use elsewhere, so than's not an option. No don't want to format new that. I'm trying XFS repair now in maintenance mode. The rebuild reported successful with no errors, btw the original disk was with no errors, I replaced it with a new WD blue disk. I'll see after the XFS repair finishes. thanks folks I'm smoking two cigarettes at time now while drinking a scotch....
  9. I need some help here please, I followed the procedure (I’ve done it in the past) replaced a data disk with a bigger one after preclearing it. I started the array to rebuild the disk data, but now that is finished the array says “Unmountable disk present” and offers to format it. I hope I didn’t screw myself. The rebuild seemed normal. If I format now it will wipe the drive clean. I'm under the impression a format was not necessary because the rebuild procedure does it. Please please any suggestions? I hope its now too late.
  10. Hey Squid, I finally ordered a LSI SAS 9207-8i card. I'm wondering, If I wanted to add additional drives to my system beyond 8 (not counting the MB SATA ports). Would I need to add an additional 9207-8i card? Or is there another way? I've seen reference to "expander cards" (?) Also, based on this thread I should't be concerned about the Bios/Firmware versions that my 9207-8i has. Thanks
  11. I tried that, and it worked perfectly (no errors, parity valid) Thanks jonathanm, I'll have to remember that.
  12. Ill try that tomorrow. thanks.
  13. First I backed-up USB #1 via the web gui (zip file). In my Windows 10 desktop I unzipped the file and copied all files with the exception of the "Key.File" in the config folder. When it was all done I replaced the USB#2 "Key.File" back the the config folder. When I booted unraid with the freshly copied USB#2 unraid requires me to re-assign all disks and then it would commence with a parity check. At this point, I stopped and powered down and put the original (USB#1) back in and restarted. Now all is back to normal with all disks assigned properly, Valid Parity and no errors. I just
  14. yes, everything is normal with no errors and valid parity.