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  1. I know I asked this earlier but never got any answer so here we go again: How can I get custom fonts working for Plex docker? I have many shows with .ass subtitles and TrueType font files to go with them but no idea where to copy them? When the custom fonts are embedded in mkv-file they work but is there a way to get them to work without modding the video file?
  2. Hey guys! How can I get custom fonts working for Plex docker? I have many shows with .ass subtitles and TrueType font files to go with them but no idea where to copy them.
  3. Hey guys! How can I get custom fonts working for Plex docker? I have many shows with .ass subtitles and TrueType font files to go with them but no idea where to copy them.
  4. Ah, ok... I thought the needed drivers could be just loaded during boot and therefore ram usage wouldn't change that much. Thanks for clarifying!
  5. Sure, building that kernel is possible in Linux VM but having a simple plugin for building that same kernel would be even better. Sadly, I have no experience on compiling in Linux... Just like I can manually do the same thing as VFIO-PCI plugin but using that plugin is simply faster, easier and much more noob friendly. What is the main reason for Unraid having to be as light as possible? I doubt anyone is running out of space on their USB sticks... But if so, having two different versions of Unraid could help as well. The normal... And the other one with tons of extra drivers.
  6. I really hope we can get a way to add our own drivers and maybe even patches to Unraid without having to build our own kernels OR maybe get a easy to use tool for building a custom kernel using Unraid GUI. This should be like a plugin system so community could add new drivers and rate them. Right now I’m running the latest stable build BUT with custom kernel(someone here in forums shared this lovely build) with patches for navi reset bug and ryzen usb patch in order to passthrough my usb chipset to Win10 VM(This was broken after I upgraded from 1700X to 3900X). But now
  7. Thanks a lot for this great info! Might be a stupid question but is there a way to recognize the dies in Unraid GUI somehow when greating the VM? I’m currently running a 1700X but will upgrade to 3900X soon. Have you found a ”stutter free” way to give 8c/16t to a Windows 10 VM with your 3900X? I’m just wondering because I have a really poor single core performance with 1700X and hoping that this could be fixed with a newer Ryzen(or some settings) but haven’t found a up to date info. Custom Unraid with kernel 5.5.8 and Navi patch did help with RX 5700 XT reset bug but still hoping t
  8. What are the best settings for Ryzen 1700X on a Asus Crosshair X470 and latest bios? I’d like to move to using only VM as my daily workstation but haven’t been able to get the single core performance good enough for gaming for example. With RX 5700 XT I lose about 30-40% of it’s performance when compared to a baremetal and I think it’s mostly because of this reason. I benchmarked my CPU with Cinebench 15 and while multithreading it’s actually pretty close to a baremetal, the single core performance is really poor. So... I’ve only isolated and pinned the last cores (4/8)to a
  9. I’m running Asus X470 Crosshair VII so I’d love to have WMI working as well!
  10. I love this topic! It would be lovely to have a neat graphical bootloader start up everytime a primary gpu passthrough OS is shut down so server doesn’t have to restarted or you have to use gui seperately... We also need the new Kernel that supports Ryzen/RX 5700 XT the best. Maybe this should become a real feature to Unraid for us that use Unraid as both, their server and workstation.
  11. I have the same problem... Can't wait for someone to share his wisdom.
  12. Thanks a lot for the info! I really wish that those Navi bugs will be fixed or maybe have a possibility to choose if you want to add a Navi patch(that works with RX 5700/XT + Windows 10 VM at least). I still have to restart my server as a normal Windows 10 PC if I want to game a bit as I'm kind of a noob and haven't been able to get this all work as planned. 😃
  13. Any news on getting an ok support for RX 5700 XT anytime soon? New beta updates are going backwards when it comes to kernel which seems quite disheartening... Has anyone actually got this GPU to really work with a Windows 10 VM and latest gpu drivers?
  14. Bus 001 Device 003:ID 2040:8265 Hauppauge dualHD So this is WinTV-dualHD, USB-tuner. I was able to use this with Plex docker after installing LibreELEC build for Unraid RC6 (and adding "--device=/dev/dvb" to the Extra Parameters in Plex docker's advanced settings view). I just bought this tuner but my problem is that it's a bit like hit and miss... I did most of my testing via Iphone app so I'm not sure if that's the reason but sometimes I could change the channel and it would tune in and start streaming after a couple seconds(I tried both, WiFi and 4G), but sometimes I