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  1. Looks like github has caught up, it;s installed ok now. Thanks for looking into it so quick. SR
  2. Still the same, I'll try it again tomorrow. SR
  3. Tried that, but still getting the bad MD5 error. SR
  4. Just had an update for the Cache Dir plugin appear on the plugins tab (although it's dated from April), it's reporting a bad MD5 when I try and update though and it's killed the plugin. I've tried removing and reinstalling both from Community Applications and manually but get the same error. Any suggestions? Thanks, SR
  5. Skipped that one as I wasn't upgrading from 6.3.5 I'll take a look. SR
  6. Just upgraded from 6.4.0 and now none on my VMs are available and the VMs tab is completely blank. VMs are enabled. Rolled back now and everything is working fine. Pre-rollback diagnostics attached. SR
  7. I'm getting the same, although only since the latest update to the docker. Wasn't a problem before that. SR
  8. That looks like it's running much faster, thanks for that. I'll keep an eye on it, strange it's not been an issue before though. Thanks, SR
  9. Full diagnostics attached. Thanks, SR
  10. Hi all, Recently replaced a 4TB WD Green with an 8TB Seagate, the data rebuild has so far taken 2 days and is 67% done. This seems to be taking far longer than other posts on here suggest it should. Although I didn't use the preclear utility to test the drive, I did run 3 extended tests in Data Lifeguard before swapping the drives. SMART data is as follows (full report from diagnostics attached): SMART Attributes Data Structure revision number: 10 Vendor Specific SMART Attributes with Thresholds: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE UPDA
  11. @johmei I'd accepted at that point that I was going to have to re-upload everything anyway so may have just clicked through, but I don't remember getting any warnings. Sorry SR
  12. I switched over and my full 17TB migrated without having to re-upload anything, I'm not alone in this either. SR