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  1. Its reported as closed still. Noticed another container variable "ADDITIONAL_PORTS" in logs and tried adding the incoming port and still no joy. Latest start logs attached. rtorrent.txt
  2. Ive done that in rtorrent.rc and added the variable -e 'VPN_INCOMING_PORT'='12528' and it still shows a closed in rutorrent and
  3. So I've noticed in the logs this 2020-09-26 08:02:04,415 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] Application does not require port forwarding or VPN provider is != pia, skipping incoming port assignment It looks like its not setting the port forward. Could this be my problem?
  4. Seems it may have been a fluke as I am now getting the red exclamation mark too. My docker start command is as follows Am I doing something wrong?
  5. didnt make any changes to the files, added user/pass to docker variable and put these files in the openvpn folder
  6. All I did was 1. Set up the port forward on Mullvad. 2. Edited the .torrent.rc file and specified the port like this: network.port_range.set = xxxx-xxxx where xxxx is the port number and set "network.port_random.set = no" and worked
  7. It may take some time for it to show open, took a day or two for me.
  8. its 'STRICT_PORT_FORWARD' for the variable wasnt working and was using this reference instead of the faq you have Always refer to the faq lol
  9. Tring to install on a new machine and getting xml error
  10. Just did a preclear with the preclear plugin
  11. Bought a couple of these about 6 months ago and shucked them for the bare drives which were ST8000DM004 models. They are both now starting to show read errors. Just a warning to others.
  12. So it seems a Hikvision surveillance camera that is on the same network was somehow hijacking the portforwad. Removed from network and the container is now running as it was. Thanks to @CHBMB for troubleshooting with me.
  13. Yes, was working fine before. Upgraded to 6.4 and noticed shortly thereafter it wasn't working. Had it running on 81 and 444 before. Changed it to its own ip with 80 and 443 and nada. Not sure why the reg nginx works, but not letsencrypt.