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  1. OK, I google the reason for the issue. my IMMOU seem to be good. Just not sure what I'm missing. 1 CPU just for testing BIOD: OVMF and SeaBios Machine:Q35-4.1 AMD.RXVegaFrontier.16368.170616.rom Sound Card RXVega.. ??????
  2. I'm using VNC viewer and and getting refused. When i choose default video card it loads. But not when i choose FE for video and sound. Tried to add mos too as in the video shows. Ver 6.8.0rc6 Thank you for the help in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -cpu host,hv-time,hv-relaxed,hv-vapic,hv-spinlocks=0x1fff,hv-vendor-id=none \ -drive file=/usr/share/qemu/ovmf-x64/OVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd,if=pflash,format=raw,unit=0,readonly=on \ -drive file=/etc/libvirt/qemu/nvram/9a6f6b0e-fd52-3163-6849-6f1e20cb4fca_VARS-pure-efi.
  3. Hmm, At this time no. Tried to make a few changes. But still not luck. Should i invest in another domain server like namecheap or another?
  4. Hi, Wow this has been a two day trail and error. But ty for everyone's input on these forums. Im having a weird issue. I'm about to access the nextcloud thru my domain address, only thru internal Ipwith :444. But when remove the overwritehost => hostname.duckdns.org it starts working again. But just not with the domain.duckdns.org. I have them all on there own the custom prroxynet. Also i can ping the duckpins.org domain from from my unraid server. Any idea where to start looking to fix the issue.
  5. Lol, sorry type wrong slash Sorry your right. It look like this 32400/web. LinuxPlex:host
  6. Yes it the correct Ip. Same one on the settings. Also before when I hit webui it would work. Plus I would assume if it was not the correct one or different the Plex would not run from the docker. At least that what I assume. It weird everything working except when trying to access it from it from the docker or typing the up!
  7. Hello, I have a questions. Everything is working on the Plex. Except when i chose the WebUI it will not open or load the page. It tries to load the IP:32400\web. But it just freezes trying to load and only a white screen shows up and fails. I can only access the Plex setting thru app.plex.tv/ . What would caused this? I turn off all firewalls just to see if it being blocked. But i just cant seem to figure it out. As they say it not effecting anything but if i didnt have the app.plex access i would not be able to access it at all. But movies play and can be accessed like
  8. Hmmm ok.. Well the folder have the names of the trainer. But inside the folder the files are names 1.Legs_10min.avi, 2.Arms_10min.avi, 3. Cardo_10mins.avi, ect But i understand what you mean. I need to get a rename program to help organize. To add metadata & Tags to help the search categorize better. Ok i will follow this path. Thank you again,
  9. Ty, I read that a while ago. But i think my issue is.. Say i have videos of work outs from different trainers. Trainer 1 and Trainer 2. But they are in one folder called Workouts. The trainers videos are not being separated as sub-folders as for example a TV series is separated as season 1 and Season 2 and so on. It's being combined as one. With the personal video i don't want to have to make multiple personal shares for each trainer. I hope this makes since. Thank you again for your help.
  10. Hello UnRaid fam, I did do a search but not sure how to explain without giving a lengthy explanation. I have allot of training video I want to organize to watch remotely and in house. I use plex. But it does not handle training videos well. Unless I make then like it was a TV series as in EP. Is there any tips or other guide or dockers that I can use to help view these videos easily. I wish Plex had a better way to do this. But just need to be guided in the right direction to get this project completed. Thank you,
  11. The information in this post help me allot. Thank you..
  12. Wow, This was a great read. Just wanted to say thank you for the info provided from everyone.
  13. Ok that makes since. But since the other drive are also 2TB i still need to get bigger drives to add more space. The old 2TB parity drive will just be old spare if needed. But i understand. Thank you.
  14. Hello Unread Group, Quick question. My 6 bay drive unpaid system is getting full. I have 2 parity and rest 2 gig drives. All the drives are 2TB. Can i change out 1 parity to maybe a 4TB and add more space. Or do i have to change out both parity drives before adding more space to the the system? For example change out one parity to 4TB parity and leave the other 2 TB and add two more 4TB to the space until i can get the rest. Also i will have two unread systems. I will be making a VM for the second just for backup reasons. I already have offsite. But just want to have 3