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  1. Can you explain how to downgrade the docker using a tag? When I click the icon it doesn't give a downgrade option. I also tried the edit and it doesn't give a downgrade option.
  2. Can you give a link to the post that has the solution. I have the same problem and am getting nowhere.
  3. You can run it from any folder except the flash drive. You can then run it from within a script in the UserScripts plugin.
  4. I can't seem to make it get the same error. What command line are you entering?
  5. Sorry for my confusion. To install p7zip: Install the NerdPack plugin. Go to SETTINGS and click on Nerd Pack. Turn on p7zip-16.02-x86_64-1sl.txz. Then click on APPLY at the bottom. You may have to reboot for it to take effect if the apply doesn't work.
  6. Try typing in the full path: /usr/bin/7z
  7. 7z is already installed in /usr/bin/7z. In a terminal type 7z and hit enter.
  8. To set the umask to 0000 do the following on a line before your command: umask 0
  9. Try adding the following to the beginning of your command so it runs in a login shell: sudo -i -u root
  10. When I have to reboot from the command line I run: shutdown -r now
  11. Did you try running the script in a login shell like I suggested above?
  12. Try adding "<<<password" to the end of the command: rsync -avhP --progress /source/file/path root@192.168.1.X:/destination/file/path <<<password Change "password" to your password.
  13. I had the same problem when running PERL scripts. I had to hardcode library and config paths. Try running the script in a login shell by doing the following: su - root /mnt/user/test/ <<<password --or-- sudo -i -u root /mnt/user/test/