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  1. Personally I would love to see the use of Podman over docker eventually.
  2. Could try installing iperf both ends and testing TCP and UDP individually. This would at least tell you if your ISP(s) are throttling UDP connections or that the issue lies with wireguard. Additionally you can also use a public iperf server to further see if a particular side has a problem.
  3. Excuse my ignorance but in a way shouldn't there be a disclaimer about certain peer access types. For instance say I give out someone a conf for "Remote access to server" they can just modify the allowed ips in there peer conf file and access my whole lan?
  4. Latest two builds give this error in the web UI and report port forward as not working. "ruTorrent cannot determine the UID of rTorrent user. Some functionality will be unavailable". Reverting back to v72 as it works fine, possible config mixmatch?
  5. Doing this update caused my nginx to not start, however when I tired to manually start it I noticed the dhparams file was empty so once I regenerated it all was fine.
  6. Hi guys not sure if am doing something wrong however when I try to use the symlink scripted provided on the Radarr wiki it will not work, manually creating symbolic links works inside and outside the container only if the exact same dir is used. If I create a symlink in another dir then it will show inside the container but not on my filesystem, any ideas? I have stuff download to /data/Media/tmp with /data/Media/Movies being the proper path.
  7. Have not found the topic search function. Anyone got unix socket style connections to work on Sonarr using this docker? I cannot connect but I know my RPC connection works as Rutorrent and Electron both function. When I use rpc.php or httprpc I get false or no connection...
  8. Any news on updating this to the new rTorrent version?
  9. I could not find any concrete info on this for unraid. Can I use symbolic links in a unraid user share or will it cause problems?
  10. Thanks for the docker. Just quick question, what options would I need to change to enable /RPC2 under https/ssl? It works fine over http/80 however when I change the nginx config todo SSL everything works apart from that. No point in posting nginx extensive nginx log for it it simply says: EDIT: Tried serving /RPC2 over port 80 with SSL still no luck.
  11. Is it possible to directly move from the non-vpn version to this?
  13. Just had this issue now, Can I manually update the WebUI plugin somehow since the update download doesn't work for me?
  14. Not sure if this is related, but I just recently updated my webui plugin (v2016.04.02) as well and had this error. I fixed the problem after doing what squid said to do; yet every time I try to update the webUI again it gives the 404 error lol. When I "update" the plugin it instantly says its updated yet nothing has downloaded. Should I post my logs?? EDIT: Solution was simple, delete the download tar and re download update lol.