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  1. Everything is working as intended on my end, but my setup probably wasn't accounted for: I have two WAN links/ public IPs, a fast link with a dynamic IP I'm unable to forward ports through (say, another slightly slower with a static IP I'm using as failover for the first link and to forward ports through (say, the plugin probably tested the default link to get my external IP and associate it ( to my subdomain, except that's not the one I'm forwarding from. Is there any way I can manually override the external IP to set my inbound link ( in my example) or more complex but probably more flexible, a list of IPs assigned in order to www./www1./www2. etc?
  2. To update on my situation since this is getting attention, I had been using ssh to track my logs while trying to figure out what was going on and popup logs began working again one day, I don't have an explanation for it unfortunately.
  3. Perfectly happy with the work LSIO does, the only feature I need from 5.10 is dark mode so I don't have to switch windows to night mode when I check on my network. 😉 Making a docker for yourself is extremely easy, making a flexible one that works for the masses is worth money IMO. (
  4. Hi, My problem : The top right log button loads an "about:blank" popup. Tested on Chrome, Edge, IE Output of cat /var/log/syslog is as expected. Nothing changes by disabling antivirus and adblocker. Running the following line outputs properly html formatted tail of syslog: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/tail_log syslog Edit: When clicking the button I get this in syslog: Aug 10 19:09:31 Tower emhttpd: req (11): csrf_token=***************&title=System+Log&cmd=%2FwebGui%2Fscripts%2Ftail_log&arg1=syslog Aug 10 19:09:31 Tower emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/tail_log syslog Opening other popups such as docker logs doesn't log anything, it seemed odd and worth mentioning. The "(11)" increments at each request. Edit2: The issue occurs with VM logs as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. @dmacias worked like a charm, everything is cool and quiet. Thanks a lot!
  6. @dmacias thanks for taking the time, I'm running 2016.10.24
  7. Same issue as xoddoza on a C2750D4I, I cleared my settings and reinstalled the plugin. Previously working board.json (its presence/absence in the ipmi folder doesn't seem to change anything): { "ASRockRack": { "raw": "00 3a 01", "auto": "00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00", "full": "64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64", "fans": { "CPU_FAN1": "00", "FAN_POS2": "00", "REAR_FAN1": "00", "FAN_POS4": "00", "FRNT_FAN1": "00", "FRNT_FAN2": "00", "FAN_POS7": "00", "FAN_POS8": "00" } } } Edit: I found that the fan.cfg file doesn't have anything for the board key, from the code it looks like that would make the configuration fail but I've run out of time to look into where that file is generated and why everything is grayed in the ui. I'll keep looking later. FANCONTROL="disable" FANPOLL="3" FANIP="" IPMIBOARD=""
  8. thanks, I know what I'm doing after work tomorrow. It'll be hell to reroute all the cables cleanly but I'll give the skirt a try, my idea was a bit more destructive, cutting 120mm holes in the side panel and putting 2 fans to pull air out so airflow would be forced through the HDD cage. Edit: Adding the skirt didn't change much, I assume the fans didn't have enough static pressure to begin with. Installing the PPC fans made a huge difference, they keep everything at 11°C above ambient when running at 30% with a huge margin if things start to heat up.
  9. Yup that's why I'm fretting, I don't want to wait for winter to do parity checks. ^^ I've got a DS380 case with 8 drives, that's a lot of drives in a tiny space and not a lot of cooling solutions. The new fans I ordered should ideally triple the airflow but even then I'm not sure it'll be enough. I have no way to control ambient temp, goes from 16°C in winter to 26°C in summer. If the new fans don't cut it, I'll be looking if I can contribute some code to do what I need and if it's beyond me I'll be cutting into the case to pull air through the HDD cage.
  10. @graywolf yup, 6TB drives take 14-16 hours to scan on my system, starting at 36°C, 6 hours in the scan I'm nearing 60°C on all 8 drives and if the mover is active all bets are off in terms of duration... In the meantime I ordered 3 industrial PPC fans, they do magic in my other rigs, I hope they'll improve cooling overall but I don't think they'll change anything for parity scans, it's too much heat too fast.
  11. @Zangief did you get it working ?
  12. +1 for this feature, I would love if scan throttling also responded to disks temp as well, my drives are running way too hot for comfort during scans on warmish days and I don't have room in the case for more fans (currently 3x120mm running 100% all the time), I'm at a point where I'm considering cutting into the side and front panels to add fans... My thinking is that the scan would pause when a disk goes above warning temp and resume when it's below minus a few degrees or a set value maybe. If the scan could pause for the mover it would avoid endless thrashing also.
  13. @bonienl you just opened a door I didn't even know was there. I'll be using that, thanks! Edit: found the css files in /usr, I guess that means any new file needs to be copied from flash at boot after the gui plugin is loaded somehow. Would that be done in the go file or as a cron job (or somewhere else)?
  14. What could be nice is a toggle to enable a custom css file globally. Say you put a css file in a predetermined location on your flash drive and if custom css is enabled, the file is included in every pages, that way overriding colors and other aspects of the GUI becomes much easier. I use Stylish to get that effect but it only works on browsers where it's installed and setup, it's a crutch.
  15. @Zangief If you have the latest version of unraid and you enabled modbus on your UPS it should work.