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  1. subbed - hoping for the whole ELK stack, any chance of that or are three separate dockers best?
  2. So my letsencrypt docker stopped working.. Ive blown it away and started again but it doesnt seem to write anything into the logs for me to check why its not working. Any recent changes that would stop my old config files from working?
  3. So ive had two major issues with Unraid: - A disk needed its journals clear before the array would mount. Because of this critical dockers did not start. - Docker.img gets corrupted and I get stability / availability issues with the web interface. I know Unraid is by its nature not raid - and I like the idea that if you lose all bar one disk you can recover files off it as they aren't split over drives.. BUT if a disk dies in a raid setup the system will still run, albeit slower until a new disk enters for a rebuild. Unraid just stops as it cant mount the array.
  4. Excellent write up. Note that it needs setting up again if your docker image becomes corrupt and needs recreating.
  5. So the other day I came across the unmountable drive issue. Easily fixed with a bit of time and a forum search, but what I really want to know now is how can I stop the array from not starting if that ever happens again? If there was a way to keep the cache disk live for an isolated from the array appdata share so that my docker apps dont crash i'd be kind of happy.. I know its not true raid, but having a disk fail to mount shouldnt stop the server from running if there is valid parity. Even if all changes were redirected to a temporary location to maintain parity while you fix the
  6. Same here, and the other two dockers for openhab wont install. Is this the most up to date?
  7. cool, thanks for that - somehow i'd missed the app store even existed!
  8. Everything looks good spants, i'd love to get your node-red template up and running but adding to my templates doesnt show your templates up when I go to create a new docker. Any tips? I had node red installed manually but i'd prefer the validity of a docker that can be updated. I'm running 6.2.4 btw
  9. So you aren't stubbing the nic but you can still allocate it in that way? Is that how I'm reading this? And it's still hardware passthrough?
  10. 07:00.0 is the ID for the nic, 08:00.0 is for the other but they are both the same manufacturing code of 8086:1533. That's the reason you can't pass through one nic of most dual onboard nics.
  11. Good point. I couldn't get my VM to boot with these instructions so I can help you...
  12. Is it the virtio driver you need? Did you add it to the VM?
  13. Im having an issue where no matter if I set a share to private or public some shares are fine, others hoave no user permissions on the root of the share. Currently I have settled for public with a hosts allow rule in smb.conf If I check the security settings of the folder in windows I can see everyone is blank - no perms at all as is nobody and users. If I go one folder down I see the same perms but I can actually create a folder. Other shares are fine in the root. Where do I start?
  14. Solution was to disable hardware checksum offloading as shown here:
  15. All was well until I went to upload files or do a speed test. It completely stalls at 0.00 for upload. Can add attachments to emails either..?