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  1. @NLDer somewhere in the middle a dump a heap of pictures with each things setting
  2. Yeah that will be a problem until you actually pin cores. --cpu-shares=2 just adjusts priority to using said core.
  3. https://github.com/Josh5/unmanic/raw/master/webserver/assets/icon-clear_bg.png in Icon URL:
  4. Just in general DON'T use /mnt/Cache or /mnt/Disks use /mnt/user or /mnt/user0 (ignores cache drive) saves any callossal fuckups with shares spread over disks and it's better practice.
  5. I only use the pinning to give unraid 1 core and my vm 3 cores. everything else is a docker party of priority. Also @Squid fairly sure it was one of your awesome posts that I got that info from,.
  6. @ijuarez and @tayshserve just toss --cpu-shares=2 into Extra Parameters shunts down the priority of the docker giving more ondemand things a higher priority
  7. Here is mine. Yours should look roughly the same bar the excessive libraries i have haha --------------------- I just realise how this maybe unhelpful heres whats in some of them Make sure you have advanced view on. 3rd addon to this. the UI (for me atleast) is slow as shit I doubt that's the container and more that my server is almost pegged 247 because I'm not a nice sysadmin. Just give it some time to load things up don't forget this option either
  8. oh... https://github.com/Josh5/unmanic/raw/master/webserver/assets/icon-clear_bg.png in the Icon URL with advanced view turned on
  9. It still works, and does is fantastically. Don't be overly scared of beta stuff just be a bit more careful
  10. I think you can put that stuff on git requests if you really wanted them.
  11. it will still que it up though, unless it doesn't have 2ch audio I think than it'll mux that and poop it out (at least that's what i get from the info the option give)
  12. no. But it's a docker so have a look around at scripts to auto start/stop or just having it cranking all the time with the Processor priority set to the lowest.
  13. from my understanding best "direct play" is mp4/h264 and ac3/2 channel audio. MKV will become the new mp4 over the next few years though (atleasts that what I have read)