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  1. Always recommend testing on a set of files before you let it loose
  2. interesting read. But it doesn't seem anyone has solid evidence that changing that will improve anything from what I can see. I guess I will need to just keep an eye on it and hope its holds out until I can afford a new NVME drive. Thanks for the assistance though
  3. yeah just create new paths. all the container needs to see is /library then you can sub folder that out.
  4. There's a new alignment? I'll have to dig into the patch notes and find out what your talking about. Update: well the link to it on the patch notes goes to a dead page Google is proving useless too. Why would I want to change this?
  5. To be fair since I removed my VHD from the drive I usually float around 300GB (plex images and all that fluff). Mover never operates as I have moved downloads to a HDD to you know cut back on read writes, I also have moved plex transcoding to RAM. So its primary function now is just appdata and plex stuff
  6. @Zervun @regorian So I seem to have resolved the issue. My pinning was screwed up. I also forced all the database optimisations to run and extended my daily maintenance window
  7. So I have a 1TB Samsung_SSD_970_EVO. That I have abused to death (though it still functions) I cannot afford a new drive for a while so I'm thinking to cheaping out if my logic is correct on the matter. If i can shrink the volume to 500GB that should give the drive 500GB spare for all the dead areas. In theory extending its life because now it has 50% of the drive at disposal instead of the standard 10% I however cannot find anything speaking towards shrinking a volume of a single drive just drive swapping and cache pool changes. Is this something that A. Would work B. something that can be done and C. not completely stupid. Basically I need to extend the life of the cache drive for as long as I can until I can afford a new NVME drive (I need an array drive first)
  8. From what I could understand of them nothing popped out saying this is why I'm broken either.
  9. So I have a weird one. After one of the most recent updates my server becomes unresponsive and requires a reboot. What logs do you way smarter people need to help me out? I have a fairly large library but nothing has really changed so im struggling to understand why thing have all of a sudden gone durp
  10. So im on BRFS and have set things up but i cant seem to get it to use said swap file Clicking start does nothing
  11. I'm having the same issues as skaterpunk0187 Telegraph logs are fine though. @falconexe 1.5 never worked for me either SMART, Array size, Mounts and disk usage did, drive selection has not
  12. This worked for me also. Now I just have the lack of drive selection up top
  13. I seem to be having a few other issues. Images are fixed but VM info, server name and being able to select drives is causing me issues. The drives are weird because the show up properly in "array disk storage and "drive SMART health overview" Server hardware also works as intended. so Im not sure why its half working
  14. Oh Sweet that's good to know. I just couldn't understand how the has 10%(total size I presume) spare and 94% availability. So percentage used is it's idea of saying its EOL. I'm basically going to run this until it dies everything's backed up
  15. so I think I know why its failing (i have murdered it over the last 2 years) but reading the smart I don't understand where its failing. It doesn't help I can't make it do any of the self tests, or the finish instantly I'm unsure Samsung_SSD_970_EVO_1TB_S467NF0K607842T-20200917-2244.txt
  16. I don't do it myself but I'm fairly sure what your doing with the GPU is passing it though to a docker so if its in plex nothing else can use it. I might be way off base though.
  17. @Squid figured out what I was trying to explain but yeah as long as every folder your dealing with is in the /library/ (within the container) its not going to care. just means you need to make a heap of custom paths in the container setup
  18. Yeah just make sure it starts with /Library/ then 'whatever you want to name it'/files So the container path can be /library/movies1 /library/movies2 etc. im sure you could go has hard as you want until you break something I presume it just NEEDS to be in /library/ within the container after that have a party
  19. Set yours up like this (you don't need user0 I'm just playing around) and within unmanic
  20. OMFG! ok so i shouldn't do stuff on 3 hours sleep. I was under the impression I could use port 180 and 1443 externally But couldn't figure out how it was mapped. forwarding port 80 and 443 works. I am an idiot. Thanks for the assistance Makes me wonder though can one change the external port used to not be 80 or 443? or is that something embedded withing the protocol?
  21. Ive been banging my head on this all day. I have my domains DNS linked up with cloudflare and cloudflare pointing to duckdns pointing to me. Lets encrypt got its cert all fine and happy as. I'm currently only trying to get ombi and nextcloud sorted out and have followed space invaders videos on lets encrypt and dns certs What else do you guys need to help? it should just work but i only get 522 errors I feel ipv6 might be screwing things up but i have ipv4 and 6 forwarded. I'm at a complete loss
  22. No point him wasting his time on that when Docker can already do it
  23. No ones going to be able to do anything with logs.