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  1. Thank you for the hint, I now let the container run while doing the backup and its working fine.
  2. @FlippinTurt thank you for taking over! I have the same problem as @jfoxwu but maybe in a different setting: 1. my dockers go through a shutdown, backup, update and then restart phase each night with the help of the auto-backup/restore and auto-update plugins for unraid (the whole task takes around 3 hours) 2. pi-hole on unraid is configured on my wan side, but the same problem occurs if its on the lan side -> with the wan configuration i just loose the ability to differentiate clients (everything comes from the router in pihole) What i see after the backup
  3. There i only find the Sabnzbd.log file which is also shown from the docker log menu. The latest entries see down below (the container is still running several hours later but is not responsive anymore. 2020-01-09 00:12:54,161::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1152] -------------------------------- 2020-01-09 00:12:54,161::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1153] sabnzbdplus-2.3.9 (rev=03c10dce91e13918bc2e6f8ca9c309196b90be11) 2020-01-09 00:12:54,161::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1154] Full executable path = /usr/bin/sabnzbdplus 2020-01-09 00:12:54,162::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1164] Platform = posix 2020-01-09 00:12:54
  4. Hi everyone, I’ve got a weird problem and need help: I was a victim of the SQLite corruption bug in unraid and downgraded my server to unraid 6.6.7 because of that. Ever since the corruption bug sab is crashing all the time. On the 6.7.x unraid version same with the old 6.6.7. Today I’ve removed the whole appdata folder for sab, deleted the docker template and reinstalled sab. After the first start i can go to the webinterface and after one to two minutes its crashing again. The log shows me that the server should still be running but i cant get to the webi
  5. Hi there, great plugin, I'm always relying on it to give me a bit better feeling on the security update side of things 🙂 Quick question: Is the order of docker apps recognized when updating? I'm running into a weird issue with an app which depends a db docker starts first. Could there be a setting in which the db container takes a little bit too long to shutdown and the update for the other container is already on its way so it won't find the db container on startup? Thanks for your time.
  6. Hi everyone, yesterday I updated my Unraid system from 6.6.5 to 6.6.6, rebooted, everything worked fine (as far as I can tell) and today i ran into the following problems: If I try to access my dashboard or any other part of the unraid webui I get an authorization prompt (see screenshot). This is weird since I've never used this feature. So now I can't check the status of the system I can't login with ssh anymore, I get "ssh: connect to host tower port 22: Connection refused" I can still use my docker apps fine (nginx server, Plex etc.) I'm currently on
  7. Just to be sure, download jdownloader 2. Still tacky ui, but is actively developed. JDownloader is to downloads as VLC is to media files, it's the Swiss army knife of downloads. Just for youtube stuff, you can look at all options in the plugin section and then search for youtube. You can choose types (video or only audio etc.), formats (mp4 etc.) and bitrates etc. Mega is also supported (I just looked it up). The ui is very bad, but the functions are great. And with the described workflow, I can put the interaction to a minimum. Maybe you can explain your use case a lit
  8. Wow, I didn't know that, thank you for the info. This would be extremely helpful with a bunch of more advanced applications. Will read into it!
  9. I don't really understand why you would need to use the youtube-dl cli if you can install a jdownloader docker on your nas and let it just do its job more comfortably for you. For me, the workflow is like this: Startup my local jdownloader (on the notebook etc.) collect all the links i want (clipboard function in jd) export all links together in a dlc container to a share which my notebook and the jd docker on the nas have access startup the jd docker webaccess to the jd docker load dlc container let it do its thing be happy (more like sort in al
  10. I got it working, nice job! Thank you for doing the heavy lifting for us :-) For the error: I closed the error Message, but never got IntelliJ to run with the right click menu (the mouse pointer just spins). I got it working by restarting the container and starting the vnc connection before intellij was starting up -> no error, just accept the license and i was good to go. Seems like there is a problem with java without a "real" screen going. Improvement Idea: If i use the vnc connection, i need to press the "connect" button in the vnc browser tab -> maybe you cou
  11. Wanted to give it a try, but get the following error on startup (unraid 6.4.19, docker has own ip): Internal error. Please report to http://jb.gg/ide/critical-startup-errors java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.awt.image.BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to sun.java2d.xr.XRSurfaceData at sun.java2d.xr.XRPMBlitLoops.cacheToTmpSurface(XRPMBlitLoops.java:148) at sun.java2d.xr.XrSwToPMBlit.Blit(XRPMBlitLoops.java:356) at sun.java2d.SurfaceDataProxy.updateSurfaceData(SurfaceDataProxy.java:498) at sun.java2d.SurfaceDataProxy.replaceData(SurfaceDataProxy.java:455) at sun.j
  12. Upgraded from 6.3.5 this morning, its working like it should. Good Job LT Team. Like: Much more responsive Frontend Webterminal, great idea Docker option for own ip per container Nice new Themes No problems on update, duh... Bug Report: With Firefox 57.0.3 (64-bit) on Win 10 i cant insert from the system clipboard (or i dont know how) Got this on first boot: " Tower root: error: /plugins/advanced.buttons/AdvancedButtons.php: wrong csrf_token" THX to Squid: Improvement Idea: Include docker-compose (maybe just under the hood rig
  13. Similar problem here, but I have more information to track this down (I use my letsencrypt certificates from the linuxserver image as you described in the GitHub wiki): My error message: [INFO] Let's encrypt live directory found [INFO] Using /etc/letsencrypt/live/mail.MYDOMAIN.net folder [INFO] Found DKIM key pair for domain MYDOMAIN.net - skip creation [INFO] MariaDB hostname not found in /etc/hosts [ERROR] Container IP not found with embedded DNS server... Abort ! I think the problem lies in "run.sh" in either the the variable assignment or the added entry to /etc/hosts: