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  1. anylettuce

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    looking at transferring the meta data like posters to my SSD drive. What settings would I do?
  2. anylettuce

    [Support] binhex - Radarr

    I seem to have an issue. I get a decent amount of movies from other sources and not from usenet/bittorent I would add the movies then do a manual import, everything work fine till now folder with movies and it only finds a few of them only fix I have found is complete removal of the docker and install it fresh.
  3. anylettuce

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - NZBGet

    it was the first thing I saw, all I want is the file to be named something more like the folder right now ${MainDir}/scripts is my script folder, looks like I got a few other things to sort out all mt paths are in a share called Downloads. cache drive only. binhex /data points to this directory but sonarr/radarr can't find it. but it is late and I am tired
  4. anylettuce

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - NZBGet

    trying to set something up using https://github.com/nzbget/VideoSort to rename files to match the folder. I have been trying to get the option but have no luck so far /downloads <---> /mnt/user/Downloads/nzbget /config <---> /mnt/user/appdata/nzbget
  5. anylettuce

    poor cache preformance

    typical rust drive. lots of reads and writes so ssd wont last. I am planning on using some for plex/emby meta data
  6. anylettuce

    poor cache preformance

    using the jdownloader docker I am experiencing slow download speed. I do have my cache connected via raid card so that might be the issue. Going to try moving it to the motherboard sata port. I have a 300mbps connection. using unraid I get 10-12 MB/s using my laptop via a usb 3.0 to gig ethernet adapter I get the full ~35mbps any way I can get the docker to max out my connection? everything is the same, same download file from the same server
  7. anylettuce

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    At first I thought I had an issue, then it came to me that it was a direct stream so no trans coding. As soon as had the file trans code it showed up.
  8. anylettuce

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    is there a way to confirm plex docker is using RAM for trancoding?
  9. anylettuce

    selling unraid licences

    is it possible for one to purchase keys, load them up on to usb then sell a complete package? Only issue I can see is mine is registered to my personal name.
  10. Looking around I am constantly looking at ways to update/upgrade my unraid servers, house networking and more. I saw this. This got me thinking, most of us probably have a monitor lying around. Having a command line looking setup it shows all the stats. Drive % full, drive health, drive in use, cpu usage, memory usage, network ect. similar to the main GUI on your unraid main web page but has the cmd line look to it. I know it is probably necessary but the nerd in me thinks this would look great.
  11. anylettuce

    New build

    Time to plan a upgrade to my current setup. With myself moving to a new city living in a small and I mean small apartment I need to relocate my seever while still being able to watch my TV and movies via plex. I am setting up a separate isp account and having the server at a relatives place. I can see upto 5 transcoding streams at once. 10mbps transcoding at the max. What processor/mb should I look at? I might be running a instance of windows as well of the machine. Currently this is a 6 year plan.
  12. anylettuce

    run a miner from unraid

    its been some time but I have a dash crypto currancy miner I would like to run just one. http://pinidea.io/ it is the usb miner. I can currently login via putty only
  13. anylettuce

    Updated to latest now lost all drives but not shares

    Now it asks for user and password
  14. I hid it setup before that if I acces my unraid server from windows it showed all the drives including g cache. I lost that now. I would imagine it is a simple fix.
  15. Here is my situation My theatre has a 3d projector, everything else is 2d. Because of this I would like to run I instance of couchpotato for 3d only and another for 1080p. I know sab and the catagories can take it from there.