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  1. default password? tried admin/password but nothing
  2. I haven't dug into it but unraid ip is I go to remote site and input I can bring up sab. Create a network location of // I can browse the cache drive, or any drive of that matter. the goal was for me to manage the server while away and add more content using the bandwidth from the 2nd location. I am using the unifi built in site to site, might look into openvpn as I can do the same thing in theory anywhere I have internet connection. Plus my laptop has built in cell modem, just need sim card.
  3. just to give an update. connected to the same network my unraid server is on, deluge works fine. The problem is the site to site vpn provided by the unifi usg devices. all other dockers with the exception of plex and deluge work on the other end of the VPN
  4. it is in bridge mode, that is the ip I use to log into unraid
  5. changed it back to and nothing ifconfig br0 br0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 inet netmask broadcast inet6 fe80::6821:7dff:fe0b:679a prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x20<link> ether 00:25:90:50:30:0b txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet) RX packets 533719233 bytes 1710461864114 (1.5 TiB) RX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 frame 0 TX packets 99910465 bytes 9144509531 (8.5 GiB) TX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 carrier 0 collisions 0
  6. I am having issues. Everything seems fine but I can not get to the webui unifi usg---> switch to unraid everything was working fine using isp equipment but no longer using it. Do I need to port forward the port? and what port? Quck update, gave the docker a separate ip and it works, well except for trying to get radarr to connect to deluge log.txt
  7. should be stated above. /mnt/cache/appdata/data/ I left it alone for a week as I was out of town. came back and the shares are still there.
  8. I haven't completely narrowed it down to a sab issue but so far it is pointing to it I was having issues were all my shares will disappear. If I go to each disk then they are all there. To rule out some sort of issue I wiped my flash drive, transfered the pro key over, re assigned all drives to were they should be. I then proceed to install only 2 dockers. Sabnzbd and radarr. after a few hours again the shares were gone. Right now I only have radarr runing and everything seems fine. /data = /mnt/cache/appdata/data/ /config = /mnt/cache/appdata/data/
  9. the plan was this, have a unraid machine that just runs plex/emby and stores all the media with gpu transcoding, if needed the server could potentially creature the isp connection. Currently my isp isn't even close to this speed but in the future who knows. If I use current hardware/drives and take the performance hit unraid has can I saturate this connection? I know other systems like ZFS and the like can do 10gbps but at the cost of having to have it all at once and not expand as needed like unraid. I am using my 2nd key I got a long time ago to set this up. New everything from case to hard drives. its also do I save up and use freenas to fully utilize my isp connection or can found this the 12TB IronWolf Pro we're testing today provides 250 MB/s and the 2TB delivers just 195MB/s with 1000mbps ~ 125MB/s this everything should work. My orignal thought was unraid--->switch---plex server----back to switch then network/internet. By combining both unraid and plex server like I have now the data transfer in the machine should be able to handle a lot more. trying to get the best performance using some stuff I have aleady and expand/upgrade my nas as needed.
  10. your isp connection is 1000/1000mbps you have a unraid server with modern hardware and full 7200rpm drives ironwolf pro/wdgold utilize full pro key with 28 data drives and 2 parity. only run plex/emby dockers with possibly some other plex/emby related dockers. no sonarr/radarr/usenet ect. tautulli would be an example of a docker with the plex docker 2 share, tv and movies because unraid has a performance disadvantage compared to others, but you have the ability to mix and match different drive types, sizes, ect. could one fully saturate your isp connection when using plex/emby? I am thinking of also adding a gpu to the setup. 3 raid cards+onboard sata and a gpu means I need a motherboard with at least 4 slots to fit everything.
  11. looking at transferring the meta data like posters to my SSD drive. What settings would I do?
  12. I seem to have an issue. I get a decent amount of movies from other sources and not from usenet/bittorent I would add the movies then do a manual import, everything work fine till now folder with movies and it only finds a few of them only fix I have found is complete removal of the docker and install it fresh.
  13. it was the first thing I saw, all I want is the file to be named something more like the folder right now ${MainDir}/scripts is my script folder, looks like I got a few other things to sort out all mt paths are in a share called Downloads. cache drive only. binhex /data points to this directory but sonarr/radarr can't find it. but it is late and I am tired
  14. trying to set something up using https://github.com/nzbget/VideoSort to rename files to match the folder. I have been trying to get the option but have no luck so far /downloads <---> /mnt/user/Downloads/nzbget /config <---> /mnt/user/appdata/nzbget
  15. typical rust drive. lots of reads and writes so ssd wont last. I am planning on using some for plex/emby meta data