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  1. It was nothing with you that I needed fixed. If you had multiple versions of the same movie, you couldn't easily group them. Was a bug that put the TMDB id into the IMDB id. Its fixed now
  2. well moving my zfs pool over to trunas was a failure. Looks like a AMD issue. I have since moved back and started over fresh with unraid and existing zfs pool what is the best way to get this to connect to another unraid setup? its mostly going to server to linux enviroment.
  3. RC2, the unraid parity was not triggered just the zfs. was a while ago so no data. will be upgrading to rc4 once things get caught up.
  4. last time I had to reboot my unraid I did the shutdown from the GUI. ZFS had to do a scrub as "unclean shutdown detected. Is there a proper way to reboot the machine? looking to update to the latest unraid beta
  5. having an odd issue latest unraid build 6.10.0.rc2 with zfs plugin. I can get it to work fine without ram transoding but as soon as I point to a /tmp folder it fails. access denied. I am wondering if ram transcoding is not an option anymore, something with zfs or my /tmp folder is setup wrong?
  6. good news is it looks like it worked no problem
  7. would I have to put all the drives back in for the correct order as well? I have 15 of them with the long file names like space did for the video.
  8. if I wanted to start over fresh with unraid but keep the current ZFS configuration what do I need to do?
  9. I have the setup, isp to pfsense---> sfp+ network switch and 4 dac cables from this switch to a 4 port sfp+ card in unraid. Now unraid is working fine on the 10g network and I was able to passthrough and get the VM to detect and install the drivers for the sfp+ port. I don't get a network or anything. I am using the virtual NIC now to test things out but would like to use a physical 10gig nic. Windows can see both the virtual and physical in device manager and network adaptor settings
  10. finally got it so I can at least explore the folders. I can not add any folders or content. I also have a 2nd unriad server I am trying to link up. The primary one is ZFS and it only storage, the 2nd one is everything else like jellyfin, sab, radarr,sonarr and more. I was able to map it over but again no adding folders/data via sonarr for example
  11. following space invador one new video I set everything up, even the last part with a share of zpool. Everything went through no issues but I can't seem to access is via the network. It shows up but that is it. I can get to the root zfs but once in there I get locked out or empty folder. Adjusting now asks for a password but everything from the unraid to the windows password does nothing, everything smb is set to public share. NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT zfs 4.96M 179T 354K /zfs zfs/movies 236K 179T 236K /zfs/movies zfs/music 236K 179T 236K /zfs/music zfs/tv 236K 179T 236K /zfs/tv I will add this is a new build using the latest RC and no data is on the server yet. I can start over if needed.
  12. Yes, but they do not get removed unless you delete them. I don't even have the option now to mount any network shares.
  13. is it unassigned devices that allows network shares to be mounted? I had a few then just disappeared. I did update the plugin.