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  1. Yes, but they do not get removed unless you delete them. I don't even have the option now to mount any network shares.
  2. is it unassigned devices that allows network shares to be mounted? I had a few then just disappeared. I did update the plugin.
  3. is it possible to install 10.7 rc1? I know the nightly is an option but don't want to update all the time
  4. I did a test with an IPTV provider. Worked just fine for the most part
  5. anyone know of a way to change the downloaded file names to match the folder name? file name is all garbled.
  6. unifi and sab use the same port. I changed sab to port 8081
  7. I am looking at clearing out my dockers and starting over fresh. I want everything back to like I first boot up unraid docker wise. What is the best way? I have cleared everything and deleted the APP folder but still have all the templates. How do I clear these out? I am basically starting over fresh with docker as I have installed, removed and tried out various dockers over the years
  8. I know the current issues are PIA related. What are others doing? configuring to still use PIA? another PIA server to connect to? Whole new VPN and what are you using?
  9. just found out about this, would be nice
  10. Could someone post a proper how to video?
  11. due to the fact my norco 4224 case is failing I purchased a netapp diskshelf. Moved all the drives over and now am at the stage of assigning things into the correct spot. the thing is I can get close to the correct S/N but not exactly. BTW I could have purchased 2 netapp shelves and corresponding HBA and cables for the price of a replacement 24 drive case. At the time of purchase example original S/N WDC_WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1_WD-WX11D58HUHN4 new S/N WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1_WD-WX11D58HUHN4 The only diffrence is the WDC_. If I clear the configuration and assign everything back in th
  12. thought I had mine going but the same issue,
  13. is the setup the same? have a test server running now with 8 drives to to see how things work.
  14. I have the same card, you have the nvidia unraid build right? I have this on my 3600x machine. no workloads yet for some reason. CPU only. p2000 is in another machine will be setting up today as well