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  1. just found out about this, would be nice
  2. Could someone post a proper how to video?
  3. due to the fact my norco 4224 case is failing I purchased a netapp diskshelf. Moved all the drives over and now am at the stage of assigning things into the correct spot. the thing is I can get close to the correct S/N but not exactly. BTW I could have purchased 2 netapp shelves and corresponding HBA and cables for the price of a replacement 24 drive case. At the time of purchase example original S/N WDC_WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1_WD-WX11D58HUHN4 new S/N WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1_WD-WX11D58HUHN4 The only diffrence is the WDC_. If I clear the configuration and assign everything back in the same order will I be ok?
  4. thought I had mine going but the same issue,
  5. is the setup the same? have a test server running now with 8 drives to to see how things work.
  6. I have the same card, you have the nvidia unraid build right? I have this on my 3600x machine. no workloads yet for some reason. CPU only. p2000 is in another machine will be setting up today as well
  7. maybe it is something I did trying to move trancoding onto a p2000. latest 6.8.3 nvidia build. Gpu shows up. coppy gu id to the Nvidia Visible Devices: GPU-fcf6b195-48f5-e60d-f7cc-7fc3ce2b59c8 Nvidia Driver Version: 440.59 GPU 0 Model & Bus: Quadro P2000 26:00.0 GPU 0 UUID: GPU-fcf6b195-48f5-e60d-f7cc-7fc3ce2b59c8 IOMMU group 16: [10de:1c30] 26:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP106GL [Quadro P2000] (rev a1) [10de:10f1] 26:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GP106 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1) I select nvidia, get nothing but errors. remove the gpu from docker and regular cpu transcoding things work ok think I got it, add more variables to the docker
  8. I just remembered why I didn't do this years ago and couldn't get anywhere. iommu is disabled on my test machine. agin cant remember if it was something I was going to look at and never did or the board can't do it. 10+ yo server hardware. I might build a low end ryzen 3 build and retire this one. I would like to have a unraid strictly for certain dockers and not to much on protection. Got to also figure out how space invador setup that 2nd pfsense to take over if unraid goes down
  9. looking at something similar, multiple isp, multiple instances of the same docker on the same machine utilizing multiple isp connections. I did ask a while ago about having mutiple isp traffic down a single cat6 run. Think the answer was yes provided VLANS are used. Trying to get pfsense setup this week and play with it this weekend. Still trying to isolate my 4 port sfp+ NIC card from unraid.
  10. question, since some sites have magnetic links only, is there an easy way to pass that info to the docker via windows 10 or linux?
  11. anyone get this to work with the crome extension?
  12. is it just me or is sonarr v3 having issues with ombi?
  13. thinking of it myself. 2 things I am looking at 1. I hope they come out with a hba card that utilizes the 4.0 lanes and can do 16 drives, not like the ones now with a max of 6 before additional hardware. 2. I am going to get one anyways, I am looking at a dedicated plex/emby setup anyways and if this does not work with unraid I will just re purpose it for the plex/emby server.