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  1. Hi, I got it working....but not with the official container... I changed my docker to the linuxserver one. I installed the Trakt.tv plug-in on (old) Plex, synced my watched up to Trakt.tv, installed the new linuxserver docker, installed trakt.tv and synced it down to my server again. Now I can add it to the custom network (proxynet) or normal and it works fine! Not the best way, but that's how I got round the problem.
  2. Hi, I followed the same videos from SpaceInvaderOne... but only for Nextcloud. I do have my own domain, and the LetsEncrypt docker is configured for all my subdomains. Now, when trying to change my Plex Docker to work via LetsEncrypt, when changing the docker network from custom:br0 (I configured a static IP) to proxynet, it doesn't assign a IP to the docker (actually ANY other network setting doesn't provide an IP) and when trying to start it on 'proxynet', show 'server error' Putting it back to the br0 network, with a static IP, and just changing the Letsencrypt plex.subdomain.conf file, I get '502 Bad Gateway'. With this method, I changed the 'proxy_pass' setting to $upstream_plex and the static IP of the docker, but still same error. (and yes, restarting letsencrypt for changes to take effect) I would prefer to keep my static IP....but if no other way, I will change. Any ideas? or am I missing something small??
  3. I've been usinig unRAID now for more than 2 years.... I got my server up and running with a old tower I got for free, with space for 6 drives.... so, when I bought my license, I went with the Basic one for $59. Now I'm starting to look at expanding, maybe even add a second server. But looking at the current pricing, if I want to upgrade to Plus or Pro, I will be paying MORE for it than if I originally bought a Plus/Pro license. Basic $59 Plus $89 Pro $129 To upgrade from Basic to Plus is $39 (total of $98 for a Plus license) To upgrade from Basic to Pro is $79 (total of $138 for a Pro license) To upgrade from Plus to Pro is $49 (total of $138 for a Pro license) Why are we being charged more for further supporting you? Or am I bad at maths here.......
  4. 8Gb....3 VM's, but only 1 active at a time, when needed.
  5. Had the same issue, and in my case was solved by removing the 'Unassigned Devices' plug-in, changing the slots, and re-adding the plug-in.