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  1. so after braving the "latest" tag for awhile and being on this new .25 version. I have given up and went back to "5.14.23-ls76" and let me tell you, Im happy with it. It truly is just the best version so far...using the version file edit trick in a previous post I just changed my tag and downgraded, and all is working and well.
  2. container update from 6 hours ago is broken, will not start/run now...
  3. sstretchh, only idea I have for your issue is to make sure that your container is set to Bridge for network type, and that your host port isnt already in use by another container?
  4. so I just switched over to the mylar3 docker by hotio, and its awesome. Much has been improved in mylar3 and seems to be working with no issues some tips from my experience... 1. I added path for my comics 2. I added the PUID = 99 and PGID = 100 variables 3. I had to move old mylar files from appdata/mylar/mylar to appdata/mylar/app, apparently hotio has that "app" subfolder hard coded in there. 4. start up mylar 3 and all was well Shout out and thanks to hotio!!
  5. Any word on mylar 3 tag/docker update? Mylar developer has said mylar 3 is current and stopped dev on 2...
  6. you put aphrodite in as the branch in the general section of settings INSIDE radarr, not in the unraid GUI
  7. Ive been using this for awhile now and suddenly the webui appears, but cannot connect to rtorrent, and the log has this repeating endlessly...any ideas? HELP!! 2017-01-16 08:22:21,510 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] No PID file containing PID for sleep command present, assuming script hasn't started yet. 2017-01-16 08:22:31,514 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] OpenVPN process terminated, restarting OpenVPN...
  8. ok this one would be a new protcol/client type. It has a linux web client so would be perfect I think if someone could tackle this please!!! AirDC++
  9. ok well I managed to get the bootstrap3 theme in place for calibre-server, can I get some guidance on how to modify the container to have username and password now? I have searched but cant find the commands that would accomplish that, or where the files are inside the container.
  10. is it possible to expose the "~/.config/calibre/resources/content_server" folder of calibre server to a mapped container path? I would love to be able to use a bootstrap theme for my calibre server. TIA
  11. awesome I will try that out today, thanks very much!!! so thankful for you experienced people on here. One last question is there any guide or help on how to make a template available in community for apps like cardigann and ampache? Im a programmer and IT person and would like to dive into this myself, just not sure where to start really.
  12. yeah, and thats fine on local network, but when router comes into play if the only port forwarded is the webui port, but https/ssl is being used wouldnt 443 by default need to be forwarded to unraid for https to go there from outside? not trying to be difficult, just help
  13. any of you experienced docker container authors reading this thread? any word or guidance on cardigann or Ampache?
  14. so to revive a old thread, is there any guidance on Ampache for unRaid yet?